A more usual hat

Last week’s heat wave really had me a bit puzzled thinking about baby#2 – how to dress the little one? With the Lorax, who was born in November, I didn’t really think twice about putting an extra layer / blanket / hat on her to keep her warm enough. This time around, I think I mostly plan on keeping the kid in a onesie for August. But, I still think hats are in order. I do have the the baby bucket hat ready but wanted something for maybe inside, just a little something. Babies need hats!

Anyway, I crocheted a Shell Stitch Beanie using yarn that was leftover from the Lorax’s Big Bad Baby Blanket and the Baby Bucket Hat.
I stuck a little hair clip to the back of the flower, so it can be on the hat or not.

Allow Jackson to model.

It’s quite cute, worked up really quickly even for a novice crocheter like myself. And, best mark of a good pattern? I would make this again. I think it would work year round in any number of yarns.

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