Made for Baby

Last week at SnB, my fellow knitters provided a little celebration for LittleNutmeg! I was so surprised and am so flattered by their kindness and generosity! Wife,”Mom”,Knitter took photos – if you click on through you’ll see that I am making the same face in pretty much each one 🙂 My little one is quite lucky to have “Knitting Aunts” that all wish him or her well! I mean absolutely NO disrespect to anyone else’s knitting, and I do hope that the gals are not offended by my photos of their items with Jackson – but it is what I tend to do around here, and since there isn’t any other appropriate sized little one around, he gets to model!

Wife,”Mom”,Knitter blogged about the Funky Chicken she made – I’ve decided in it’s Muppet-ness, this chicken is to be called “Camilla” (that was the name of the chicken who was Gonzo’s main squeeze).


Denise has ensured the baby’s coolness with a pair of Baby Converse!


Costumechick worked up a stunning bamboo lace shawl / blanket that I look forward to snuggling under when it cools down a bit (and as we continue to crank the AC) in one of my favorite shade of teal blue.


Lisa crocheted an “Under the Sea” blanket – I just love the colors in this and the detail – the turtle shell swirl, the octopus tentacles!


Archiknist knit a pair of baby legwarmers (these were on my to-do list, now I don’t have to!) and matching hat!


I think Jackson approves – everything is snuggly!

FakeKnitter made a delicious cake that was such a sweet treat that night and for breakfast! Lorelai loved the frosting especially!

I am so honored to call these ladies my friends!


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