One Month

With disbelief I write this post – the lil’nutmeg is already one month old today! We are starting to all get used to each other I think. The Lorax still calls you “our baby from the hospital” and apparently that stuck with her – she drew this picture this week of me, still pregnant.
Artist at work

But on to the “birthday” boy – since you’ve been born there has been an earthquake, a hurricane / tropical storm, a week without power, and many moments where Dan and I just look at each other and ask “Did Lorelai do this? Was Lorelai like that?” So much of these early days are blur – I try so hard not to compare you to your sister!
A lot of the time you enjoy being like this:
On your belly, trying to suck your thumb (left hand! are you going to be a lefty like mom?)

A lot of the time you also do this:
So serious. And we’re seriously in love.


3 thoughts on “One Month

  1. So does Lorelai think you grabbed some other baby at the hospital, and you're still carrying around her real brother or sister? That's hilarious. I love how kids' minds work! And I love love love The Real Nate (sorry Lorax) — such an expressive little face, gah!

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