Rhinebeck Rejuvenates

This weekend went by way too fast and it was a complete success! I loved being away for a bit with the girls on Friday and getting to see family on Saturday. Rhinebeck is such a fun time – inspiration abounds just seeing all of wonderful handknits and lovely yarns, and people! I was a terrible “bingo” player – my Ravelry username button was left in the trunk of my car! – and I was so distracted by all the other things to look at that my bingo card stayed in my bag! The hats were a huge hit – to the non-knitters (like, my husband) who question my taste level while I was knitting or showed the finished project to them, they just don’t understand how well it worked at the festival. It was fun to be a part of the group with the sparkle hats too and even more fun to be walking about and hear, “Ooh, love the hats! Ooh, the baby has one! Oooh, so Mom, Baby & Aunt!”

My “loose list” strategy worked really well I think. I ended up with two thrummed mitten kits from Good Karma Farm – one is intended for a Christmas gift and the other is for me.
There were a lot of other lovely things that caught my eye, but I resisted – I have a lot more ideas going forward for sure!

Nate gave his aunt and uncle a real sample of what babies are like – he fussed quite a bit after dinner on Saturday, but they were really good sports about it – they stepped up and gave it a shot to walk with him / snuggle him / get him to calm down. Even the cats didn’t mind too much, but I think they liked sharing Nate’s play mat. Doesn’t Arthur look happy?

And now, it’s back to the grind leaving the wool fumes behind. Till next year Rhinebeck!

One thought on “Rhinebeck Rejuvenates

  1. Aw, Nate is so cute (with and w/o his sparkle hat!) we were game for some fussing. 🙂 I too am feeling full of yarn inspiration and itching to get my new skeins wound up and on some needles! I'll get the hat picture that Dan took posted on FB today. Love you guys! -Auntie V

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