Happy Halloween

Hard to believe that I can look outside my window and see foliage on the trees and snow on the ground! On Friday we went to a local orchard’s pumpkin patch for a Halloween parade:
my little witch
My little witch.

Horse in the pumpkin patch
Prize-winning “cow” (he’s really a horse, the outfit has a mane) – he won for best animal costume!

And then on Saturday we had to switch to a costume of a different sort:
pre-halloween snow
Crazy. I’m in the middle of making the Lorax a new winter hat. She did well with the mittens, but this year she’s big into picking up the snow, so I need to find some better “play in the snow” mitts.

Today we will be rocking the costumes to the grandparents and that is about it. Given the fickle nature of a pre-schooler, I did not bother to make any costumes this year, except for Jackson. He doesn’t complain or change his mind and is properly motivated by cheese. Inspired by this, “My Pimp Paw is Strong, I made Jackson a new hat and chains. It was meant to be – I found exactly one feather when I went looking in the craft supplies!

May you have more treats than tricks!!

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