The inbetween time of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Ignore the fact that Christmas stuff and music is in the stores and that “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (original cartoon version) was on tv over the weekend. Also ignore the awful “Autumn Nor’easter” that left me with the sudden onset of the feeling that winter is coming (or winter never really left) I realized that my kids need new hats. Lorelai has gotten two years of wear out of the puple tot-topper that I made, but it is time for something new. She picked out a pattern (Moochi from the Bambeanies book) and found some purple yarn in the stash. I finished it on Thursday. Will she try it on? Long time readers of this blog can probably guess that she declined. I’ll try to call on the back up model, Jackson, for a photo shoot later.

In the meantime while browsing the rest of the Bambeanies I decided to make Nate a new hat. The candy corn hat was cute and I am not going to make him wear the turkey hat for the next three weeks. Maybe just the week of Thanksgiving – he tried it on over the weekend and my word, you have never seen a cuter turkey. From a swap on Ravelry I claimed my favorite yarn, Malabrigo, in “Citrus” colorway. Yellows and oranges are not my thing, but there is no denying the sunshiney-fun of this yarn. And with the leaves changing and daylight savings in effect (or over?) a little regular cheer is good.
Citrus Polpo
The pattern is Polpo – a very quick knit and the little twisty bits are the top are cleverly constructed. I love that the pooling is almost stripey. I think I may use the rest of this yarn to make a Monsters. Or maybe a vest for Nate?

One thought on “Transition

  1. I love the hat and the twisty bits!Oh, and a radio station here started playing Christmas music (non-stop) the Friday BEFORE Halloween. I'm ignoring it all and blissfully moving into full Autumn mode!

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