Christmas Tree

I am making good progress on some items to go under the tree for others so I thought I would share our tree this year. I was playing around with my camera settings according to several tutorials I found on pinterest.

This shot looked better on the camera screen. Oh well. It does accurately show our lights. We have had big bulbs of color, all white, and this year we have green. It is different and is growing on me quite a bit.

One of the newest ornaments for the tree.

Our tree is “topped” with a crystal star that we received as a wedding gift.

I like this photo, but the quality of it could be better. Just a branch or two down from the star are these two angels. The angel on the left is a souvenir from our trip to Ireland and the angel on the right was a gift many years ago. I am not sure if it was from my parents (I think it was) or my grandparents.

One of the oldest ornaments on the tree, Woodstock, was a gift to me when I was a year old or so from one of my aunts. I really need to sort through my ornament box or get a better storage system going so it doesn’t have any more chips!

Snoopy is there too!

And then this is a familiar ornament on my couch. The Lorax loves playing on the ipad, lucky kid. She’s quite good at “Fruit Ninja” and “Snoopy’s Street Fair”.

We haven’t yet gotten a family photo in front of the tree, I need to take out the tripod. At least I am in a picture with the kids, as usually I am the one to take all the photos!

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