Photo Proof

My dad likes to take pictures. A. Lot. Of. Pictures. Granted, he is really good at it – he has a nice camera and with the grandkids he does get lots of practice. Looking at his photos from Christmas I noticed we have a lot of similar shots – photos of the kids, a picture of my brother and his girlfriend on the computer via gchat while we all gather around, etc. Having another photographer comes in handy for a different perspective and proof of some events.

We have had Christmas Crackers at the Christmas table for the last several years, I believe since my brother returned from his study abroad program in college. And his wife has always had them at her Christmas. Anyway, Christmas crackers come with a toy, a joke and a paper crown inside. Everyone wears the crown at dinner. This year, I ripped mine when trying to get it on my head.

I remember us all laughing about it, and here is the proof. I ripped my crown putting it on my head.

And here is my lovely family. Laughing at me in the “Oh yes, you DO have a big head that ripped your crown!” My sister-in-law was kind enough to try and blame it on my hair and clips. We all can see what’s happening here. Thanks, Dad!
I especially love my brother’s expression of horror!


I have decided to embrace it though – I took a photo from my Dad that had my uncle (who also claims to have a large head of hair) and I with a new crown, and I am using it as profile pic just about everywhere.

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