Found it on Pinterest!

I am a big fan of Pinterest and the feeling of ‘pseudo-organization’ it brings me. I have the usual boards on there and a few that I created. I have started a new board that I am calling “I Tried It!” where I can pin things that I have actually done having found them on pinterest. Several weeks back I found this pin sharing the brilliant idea from to use an apple slicer to chop up potatoes for french fries! I did it! It works! I did have to go back and cut a few wedges that were thicker than I liked, but look – photo proof!
And this recipe for the “Oven Baked Parmesan Seasoned Fries” are what I made. Yummy!
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Today is such a blah day. The Lorax is just about over her cold, the baby is in the middle of it and I can feel it coming on. I am happy for the opportunity to knit with bright green yarn from Knit Picks; it will be in tomorrow’s “Yarn Along” post. We woke up to a slushy inch or so of snow and to work out some of my daughter’s energy, I did take her outside while the baby was napping.
Probably a bit overdressed for slush that was melting, but she was kept warm and dry, so my job was done. She’s throwing a snowball at me in this photo.

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