Baby Rock’n’Rollneck Sweater

A full-sized (baby) garment at last! There has never been a shortage of hats or cowls or other small things around this blog, so it feels quite good to post this one. I have had the Baby Rock’n’Rollneck sweater on my mind since last year when I saw PeacefulKnitter’s version, WifeMomKnitter’s version, and of course, ColourKnits version!
I have had the red Rowan Calmer in my stash for a long time. I claimed the brown in a Ravelry swap and figured they would work together. I love this yarn (but heard it has been discontinued!). I’ve been calling this the “Brick Rolled” sweater – in reference to the color and the “RickRoll” internet meme (specifically the Muppets version). Anyway.
My gauge was off, so I did a bit of math, thank you Ann Budd & her “Favorite Formula”! I knit the 18 month size to end up with a 6-9month size sweater. I am quite pleased that it is spot on!

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