Found it on Pinterest!

I love the internet! Here’s some fun stuff from Pinterest I have found and tried.
Did you know you can use a stand mixer to shred chicken? Sure, you could use the two fork method, and I have and I don’t like to. This way? After the chicken is cooked I can drop it in the mixing bowl, walk away and voila! Shredded chicken. Totally worth washing the extra dish!

From the same source that offered the shredded chicken tip, SimplyHealthyFamily had a quick and easy BBQ sauce recipe. I will make this again!

I made these oatmeal “cupcakes” yesterday – they are neither cupcakes, nor muffins. The result is more like baked oatmeal in a round shape I suppose, to me they tasted healthy but could have used some more sugar or something. I tend to always follow a recipe when I cook (not my taste buds unless it is something I have made a zillion times). My husband tried them this morning but could only eat one and I think I will be eating the rest myself, so as not to waste them. Meh. I think this is the first pinned recipe that has let me down! Oh well.

I was inspired by seeing outfits on pinterest to seek out a pair of everyday stud earrings. I found these on etsy and liked that they sort of matched a yarn ball style necklace I received for Christmas. I couldn’t stop thinking about this, so I ordered them, and I am very pleased! Earrings are from VDazzled Jewelry.

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Happy Pinning!
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