Photo Challenged

One thing I enjoy about having a blog is that I feel some sort of (self-imposed) pressure to have good photographs. How do you get good photographs? You could take a class like I did (and would totally take again), and you have to just take pictures. Lots of pictures. I do take a lot of pictures, but wanted to push myself a bit. I challenged myself to a “30 day photo challenge” that I spotted on pinterest. (More on that in a minute). Today I found, and promptly pinned this one:

I snapped my first photo, “in action”
Day 1
Me, working on a sock sample for Interlacements.

This is not my first photo challenge.

Let’s ignore the fact that this particular challenge was from August, 2011 and it is was January when I tried it. Let’s also ignore the fact that I lost track of it on the weekends and there was a week when my whole house was sick. Let’s ignore that I also only shot photos on 21 days.
My creation
Practice is practice.

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