Wrong gauge, still a success!

Valentine’s Day is coming up next week. (It’s already the middle of February?) New holidays mean new hats! I have had the I Love Mom beanie in my queue for a while, so I took full advantage of a naptime or two, which currently are all over the place and not consistent in their length as he is actually teething now, to work on this “holiday hat”. Good thing the hat works up quickly, because my first go at it (with some unlabeled worsted from the stash) in making the 3-6 month size turned out way too big! See?
Too big

The second version, using Berroco Comfort DK and the 6-12 month sizing worked out much better.

I kept the first hat as well, and made it a “Dad” tattoo for the Lorax.

This is the first (and probably last) time I have intentionally made my kids “matchy-matchy”.
Cute right? Not creepy, or even an Awkward Family Photo. This was tricky to get a shot of the two of them with both in focus – someone is always moving!! This made me think of a photo of my brothers and I that was (professionally) taken way back when – also not an awkward photo, but all three of us are in hand-knit sweaters, made for us by a family friend. Mom found the photo!

I think we were around ages 8, 5 and 3? The woman who made these has 4 boys of her own (pretty close in age to us!) – I wish I could see these sweaters now – I would appreciate them so much more!

3 thoughts on “Wrong gauge, still a success!

  1. OK, I can't decide which is cuter – your kids in those hats, or Little Uphams in those sweaters! Gah! Love it all. I wonder if your mom saved those sweaters? It would be so fun to get a Nate and Lorelai picture in them (you know, a few years down the line!).

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