Assorted DIY

I can’t show you my knits in progress right now as one is a pile of pieces and will be much more interesting when it is put together and the other is a sample knit in a new yarn. I can show you some of the DIY things I have tried over the weekend.
We finally reached the bottom of the Marshmallow Fluff container. I had spotted a recipe in Make the Bread, Buy the Butter and it looked easy enough.
Tah-dah! It was straightforward, though I did make the mistake of not whisking fast enough. The only consequence of that mistake was that it took longer to get to the final product. Now I know for next time. I made a full pickle jar, plus that mason jar, plus a smaller pint jar full of fluff. It is different from the storebought, but just as delicious – the Lorax and I have each enjoyed fluffernutters with it. Now, if my brother‘s homemade peanut butter business would take off we would really be set! I am not yet ready to tackle making my own peanut butter, but I really should. Food prices are only going up.

Last night for dinner I tried making these Quick French Dip Sandwiches:

I used prepackaged roast beef (again with the food prices going up – roast beef at the deli counter was ~$10 a pound!!). These were delicious and quick, just as kitchen simplicity promised! We all liked them enough that they will be worked into the dinner meal plan rotation. It was salty, but I loved it.

Our master bathroom has one of those huge plain wall mirrors above the sink and I thought this was brilliant. I called my local Mr.FixIt and showed him the picture and let him take it from there. I didn’t want to have to fuss with changing the lights, so we kept those the same.
Obviously, this is still in progress – I will be priming it all and then painting the trim and shelves white. I am thinking about maybe a pop of color inside the tower – maybe a different color, maybe mod podge and some scrapbook paper or wrapping paper? I’m not sure yet – certainly pinterest has more ideas? 🙂

I am sure it is quite clear how much I love Pinterest (Follow Me on Pinterest)
I just wish sometimes I didn’t see great ideas that are dead ends. I can not stop thinking about this shirt –

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Can not find it for sale anywhere! I follow the links to polyvore and see it with all kinds of cute looks, and they just link back to pinterest. Please let me know if you ever see this shirt for sale!

And these sneakers? Adorable! Only available in size 11. I have big feet, but not that big. And I checked zappos too. Bugger.

Have a good week – we’ve got school vacation and good weather!

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