I love socks. I do love knitting socks but other projects tend to distract me. I still have several single socks waiting for their mates, and I owe Dan a new pair as well. Over the weekend I finished up a straightforward pair of toe-up socks that were a sample for Interlacements in Sweet Feet, a new yarn.
Interlacements Sample
This pair is the “Wagon Wheel Gap” colorway. Very pretty colors in there – purples, golds, burgundy and a hint of green. I was pleasantly surprised to see the subtle stripes emerge as I knit.
Wagon Wheel Gap colorway

I used to consider myself a “Top-down” sock knitter, but after knitting this pair toe-up I might have to revise that. I know the sequence of top-down socks so well: Cuff, leg, heel, foot, toe. I was a bit surprised to find that knitting the sections in the reverse order actually seemed to go by faster! I do believe that I will be giving toe up socks another go – maybe even for my socks in need of mates!

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