In threes

You know how it goes – there seems to be a bit of blogging “meh” going about. I’ve got it too. I want to blog, but have lost some of the energy for it. Could be life in general, could be work (which involves writing blog posts for others), could be house stuff, could be little ones underfoot that are always up to something. Anyway, I am here today! Not playing in “Yarn Along” because I have still yet to find a new book – my nose has been mostly buried in a “Visually learning photoshop” paperback, but that is not going to go on too many “to-read” lists. You are here to see the knit stuff, and maybe the kids.

I have finished three washcloths that are being sent out in packages.

I have knit three (3!!!) swatches for my latest sample knitting job, the Summer Poncho in the Spring/Summer Vogue Knitting.
The yarn is lovely to work with. Now that I have figured out my gauge, I am a few rows in – it should be smooth sailing.

I am just past the heel on the first Cauchy sock for Dan. The yarn is Spud & Chloe Fine, in the dachshund colorway. I’ve got three repeats of the pattern across the top of the foot.
Cauchy in progress
I need to put this on magic loop, but have been lazy about going to find that particular needle, so for now, it is DPNs and cuff-down. Old habits die hard.

And a gratuitous cute baby picture.
On the move & under a table
Someone is on the move. I looked and the nutmeg was on his back, feet on the couch. I turned to look at my knitting, looked back and he had flipped and scooted himself back under this first table (which is part of a set of 3 nesting tables) Also that space is what, seven inches wide? How did he do that?

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