Stash Happy or Happier Stash?

I totally lost steam on the “Knit & Crochet Blog Week” – I can’t quite put my finger on it. I felt like many of the post topics were either really similar to what has been done in the previous years or were all about participating in a contest, which I just don’t have time currently to push my photography or video skills right now. Oh well. For a long time I have been rather stash happy with the yarns that I have acquired. I am lucky to get to try new yarns when I test knit and sample knit – I even get some of them as payment for my knitting services. Lately though I have been doing a bit of drooling over new yarns and I decided to refresh the stash a bit and add a few things. And for the most part I have a potential plan in mind, so I’m not just in collecting mode! A recent update at The Loopy Ewe had Malabrigo Finito and I jumped on this limited run yarn. I was interested in it when I spotted the Waiting For Spring fingerless mitts pattern on Ravelry. I have one skein in “Pearl Ten” for those and then I also have two skeins of “Cereza” for a to-be-determined project. This stuff is like buttah – I hope it knits up that way! photo.JPG photo.JPG I also finally managed to get to my LYS, Madison Wool before picking up the Lorax from school. I was powerless against yarns from Manos del Uruguay. photo.JPG2 skeins of Serena, likely to become a cowl. photo.JPG2 skeins of Silk Blend, likely to be a cowl or fingerless mitts. photo.JPG1 skein of Maxima, probably for a hat, maybe a cowl. I’m on the home stretch now of the summer poncho sample I have been working on monogamously – it’s been a fun knit, but I am really starting to feel the pull of other patterns and yarns. For now, they sit next to my computer and current WIP to be eye candy and snuggled with.


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