Just the Knitter

I am not a stylist. I am hardly even stylish! I do enjoy looking through magazines like “Vogue Knitting” and the boards on Pinterest for styling ideas, but I often do not follow through on such things.  I am happy to be “Just the knitter” of the samples and let other people worry about the styling.

My most recent “knitter-for-hire” job was a sample of this summer poncho for The Yarnsisters. This job had a few firsts for me. First “Vogue Knitting” pattern, and I have to say I was pleased with this pattern – it was straightforward, no errors, nothing confusing.  A bit tedious maybe, but once I got in the groove it was good for SnB or being in front of the television.  The yarn, Zealana Kiwi Fingering is a natural blend of 40% fine New Zealand Merino, 30% Organic Cotton and 30% New Zealand Possum fiber. It is light yet warm.  I did come across a few possum fibers that at first glance I thought were from Jackson’s fur – but when I remembered that there was possum fiber in there I was able to ignore that!

Here is the poncho after blocking on my dining room table.

Summer Poncho
I really could use a mannequin for things like this – or fancier hangers maybe – but it looks much nice on a shape versus being flat on the table.

Here it is on my shape. Please ignore the striped shirt and jeans.  I really am doing my best to imitate the model shot from the magazine, which looks silly but is the best way to show off the lace!

Somebody saw me trying to take a picture and wanted it.  She is way more stylish, always.

A few other notes, while I was knitting this my bamboo circular got a snag in the tip – it kept catching the yarn! I picked up a Knitter’s Pride Dreamz circular needle to replace it and I LOVE it! I definitely plan to add more of these to my tools! This project took 1937 yards (!!) so that brings my knitting total this year to 2.48 miles!

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