Instagram Fridays

A quick and simple sum-up of my week. I’ve got a lot on my mind right now, especially with a trip next week. I am going to TNNA (eep!! I am all together excited and anxious.) and it will be my first time away, having to travel by plane, by myself, solo in a very long time. Anyway, it will all be good, I am sure of it.

life rearranged

Twirly bubbles – this was before a virus wiped her out for the week.

I found an app to add frames and group my photos, yay! This kid loves being tossed but has a wicked grip on my hands. Lorelai took these photos for me!

Lanesplitter knit skirt in progress! I need to pick up the stitches for the waistband.

I took both kids to the supermarket.  By myself.  First time.  We survived and did get everything on our list. I don’t really want to do it again, but probably will.

Someone has moved on from just standing up to thinking that the stairs are the place to be.

I am so happy it is summer. My dog can stop barking at the school bus every single morning.

We totally fed the baby a spoonful or two of bacon bits.  He loved them.  He’s also turning into a ham for the camera.

I had to renew my drivers license today.  They actually gave me back my old one which I found odd.  And they let me see the photo before printing it.  It’s actually not a bad photo as far as licenses go, considering that I also brought the two little ones with my to get this done.  Residual confidence from the shopping trip I guess. 

And there it is. I am very excited I found mini canvases at Michaels – I am planning to put some of the Instagram photos printed and ModPodge them on = Instant Art! Enjoy your weekend!

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