The days may be long, but the years are short. Truer words are rarely spoken. I can’t believe that already a year has passed since the little nutmeg arrived.

For the record Nate, here’s a bit about you. You have 8 teeth and molars are coming in. Your balance is getting to be pretty good, and you are really good at cruising, but you don’t seem interested in walking. You LOVE shooting mommy a sly look and crawling away to do the stairs. Which, by the way, you mastered going all the way up in about 2 days. You adore playing with Lorelai and she is a really good big sister to you. You are starting to get picky with food, and you will point to something you want and smack your high chair. No big surprise that you don’t talk much – Lorelai does enough for both of you. When she isn’t around you do babble and are verbal, and your words right now are Da & Ja. You love to play on the piano, the music cube, and when we listen to music at dinnertime, you “raise the roof”! Happy Birthday, my little guy! Love you!!

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