So Pretty! Crochet: Review & Giveaway

Hello! Gracious, where does the time go? When I got in touch with Amy about her new book, So Pretty! Crochet, many many weeks ago (ouch!), I had the best intentions of getting this giveaway up and running. I appreciate her patience as life has taken over here. I love back to school time for the fresh-start feel and that is what I intend to do here with my blog.

In the last 3-4 years I have been working on my crochet skills. I have the basics down and have a few finished items under my belt. I do not consider myself a newbie, though I do still rely heavily on reference materials as I work a project. When I first flipped through So Pretty! Crochet, I found many projects that I wanted to try! The styling and photographs draw you in and you really will say “Oooh, that is so pretty!” Among the 24 projects, there is a nice mix of accessories, small wearables and home decor. The projects are all current and trendy. The projects are designed by indie designers, and each pattern in introduced by the designer with links of where to find them online at their etsy site, blog, or twitter. The materials used in the projects meet a range of price points. I decided to give the Windowpane Cuff, by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark, a try. This pattern has written and charted directions (awesome – for whatever reason, I am getting the hang of crochet charts much easier than the written directions! Knitting charts were not this easy for me!). I used some leftover Koigu sock yarn. I think it took me longer to decide on buttons than it did to actually work up the cuff! I am pleased with the results. I can see where I can still improve on my crochet skills, but that is expected! It fits Lorelai’s lower leg quite well (the things we do for a good picture sometime!) and she kept it on for a while – fancy dress up, tah-dah!
This is a hardcover book and I love the sturdiness and beauty that adds, but I do wish it was spiral bound to help the pages lay flat. I also wish more projects from the book were up on Ravelry, certainly in time that will happen. You can look inside the book on amazon. This book does have basic instructions for crochet techniques which is handy for someone like me, but it is not a “Learn to crochet” book.
In the meantime, I am thinking about trying the I-cord bracelet (crochet i-cord! I never knew there was such a thing!), and I am wondering about the Pastelito Necklace (the bottom picture on the designer’s blog) using some of my sock yarn leftovers.
Amy very kindly sent me this book and one to giveaway! Please leave a comment on this post (I have changed the comment settings, so everyone should be able to comment!) – Do you crochet? Do you have a crochet tip for me? Make sure I am able to get in touch with you if you win – an email or Ravelry id. I will draw a winner next Wednesday, Sept. 19.

18 thoughts on “So Pretty! Crochet: Review & Giveaway

  1. I'm a beginning crocheter. So far I've just made a few simple things, but I'm hoping to get better. Sounds like this would be a great book to challenge my rudimentary skills!

  2. I have tried to crochet a few times now. I don't think we're friends. I'll stick to knitting. So, I can offer no tips other than keep a tasty beverage handy. A great frind of mine crochet's and we work together on projects that require both knitting and crocheting. I would give this book to her and ask her to make me the hat on the cover in return. 😉

  3. I can still remember my Grandma letting me stay up until 10pm on a summer night as she taught me to crochet. My tip – try cables, they're fun! Rav amchart theharts at windstream dot net

  4. I would love to get this book, it looks wonderful! I also rely on books and references for things, as I would say I am still a newbie sort of!You can find me on ravelry, twitter or facebook through my blog I think.

  5. This book looks like it would be a wonderful addition to my crochet library! As an avid crocheter, I love new ideas and projects that challenge me ; as well as others that can be whipped together quickly for a lat minute gift.My belief is that one can NEVER have too many books!!!!! (or yarn! LOL)dtf1983(Ravelry ID)

  6. I do crochet! I started by teaching myself to knit and then only learned to crochet for an edging I needed on a blanket. Ha, I haven't touched my needles since.My advice is always keep some stitch markers nearby, especially for newbies, it makes distinguishing Turning Chain from SC/DCetc so much easier!Snarkypie on Rav

  7. I love to crochet,it is my passion.Learned from net and it beginning was little hard seen it on youtube everyone hold crochet differently and it take a time to understand it.I just try and try it and try it,save my first try's and errors to.Now it is so funny when i think about what I didn't get it at first but there are different sources on the net and different stile too,noticed that now on the web is a lot new blogs who share there patterns and photo tutorials for the newbies.Crochet is a lot of fun,you can make what ever you want just with hook and yarn.Wow,this is a long comment but i can go on and on when it comes to crochet.Thanks for the this lovely giveaway,hope to win.

  8. My first attempts at crocheting failed miserably, which shocked me as I picked up knitting so quickly. It took a while for me to get the hang of holding the yarn in my left hand since as a knitting I hold it on the right. Once I got past that is was smooth sailing! I still prefer knitting but I do love a good crochet project!

  9. I crochet since I was 8… many many years ago 🙂 and I love it!! I dont have many tips, except for: NEVER be afraid to experiment…crochet is SO versatile!!silvinasi at Ravelry

  10. The book looks divine. I'm an avid crocheter.My tip: Don't run with scissors. Wait, that's not specifically related to crochet. How about: learn a few stellar techniques like invisible join and magic ring. They'll make your projects even better.

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