Phew. After the wild week of Thanksgiving prep, work stuff, and a successful turkey dinner for 11, I’m ready to lay low. Of course, things are sure to pick up speed again with Christmas on the horizon. I’ve been knitting pieces here and there – I finished my Lanesplitter skirt, and it’s a bugger to get a decent photo of. Which is why I’m really excited to make time this weekend to participate in the Shoot It Craftsy class. I’ve taken a “Photography for Knitters” class before, but I could use a refresher. This is a great time to try out the classes – this weekend all the classes are $19.99!
Online Knitting Class for Beginners!
I’ve also bought a Amigurumi: Design Your Own Monster class. Once you buy the class you can view it whenever you like! I’m actually saving that one for me to watch in January – I’m planning on working on my crochet skills in 2013 and that seems like a good present to myself! In the meantime I’m avoiding doing much of anything today. I hope to pick up my knitting and swatch a bit. My eye has been wandering to the online yarn sales – and pattern sales!

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