Quarter 1 – Review

At work we do a quarterly review of statistics for our clients and I thought maybe it seemed like a good idea to check in on my self-imposed Resolutions & Intentions.

1. Knit / Crochet at least 13 skeins that have been stashed before 1/1/12 (inspired by the Use It or Lose It thread in the Stash & Burn podcast group) : I’ve used many partials thanks to fingerless mitts and amigurumis; at this point I’ve used up 2 skeins: Princess Slug used 1, Sweet Fern Mitts used 1.

2. Knit / Crochet at least 13 items queued before 1/1/12: I have learned that when I start a project, I need to make a note about when I queued it! I am positive that the Sweet Fern Mitts and the Nathair Mitts were queued before 2012, so that’s 2.

3. Knit / Crochet at least 13 items as samples / knit-for-hire: 1 for Plymouth, 1 Miss Adler crochet cowl, 2 slugs have been requested by a friend, 3 tiny owls have been requested by another, so that’s 7 things.

4. Knit / Crochet at least 13 hats for PatPatsHats: I have 1 done. 

5. Pie in the sky – can I knit / crochet at least 13 new-to-me techniques? (Socks) Sweet Tomato Heel, unusual construction, stripes, 2-at-a-time / Colorwork / Adding shaping / my own design of something? I’ve started the second Carousel sock, so that’s 1 for unique construction.  I’m not modifying the pattern of my Morning Coffee, but I have taken the “Knit to Flatter” class on Craftsy and am considering how to do shaping on my “next favorite sweater”, as Amy Herzog would say!

I think I’m doing ok. There’s still work to be done and much of the year to go!


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