The House Cup (KCBWDAY1)

Day One (Monday April 22nd): The House Cup.
A bit like Harry Potter, but not quite, this year’s Knitting & Crochet Blog Week is split into 4 houses. Don your favourite knitted or crocheted hat and let it guide you to which house you will be in.

The House of Bee: Bees are busy and industrious, but can flit from one interesting project to the next as bright and shiny things capture their interest.

This surprises me not one bit. I believe I could make a home for myself in any one of the “houses” but we shall be true to what defines us. My interesting projects I’m flitting between now include: assorted toys, a set of custom crochet owls, a sweater, two cross stitch projects, two different sock patterns, baby shoes, and several amigurumi. My Ravelry queue is 33 pages long, with just under 1,000 projects I would love to make. Seriously.  I know some people who get overwhelmed by their queue, but not me. Sometimes I wonder why I can’t focus on one project from start to finish without being distracted. I will admit to feeling frustrated though, especially this past weekend – I tried to work on several different projects. I didn’t have the right size crochet hook for one, the next worked out way to big and I’ll be ripping it out, the next I just didn’t feel like working on, etc etc! I want to move out of the “I’m so excited to make all the things” stage to the “Look at all the things I’ve made!” stage. So I need to follow the example of the bees and get a bit more organized with how I approach projects.  Wish me luck!

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3 thoughts on “The House Cup (KCBWDAY1)

  1. I’m right there with you. Why is the next project always the most exciting when I felt that way about the one I’m working on now before I started it:)

  2. Good luck! I’ve had to impose a project limit on myself just so I can actually get to finish something. I’m also having a jolly good sort out of all my craft stuff because sometimes I forget about a project all together and find it years later under a pile of yarn.

  3. In awe of your queue! Please don’t look at mine, it’s full of very dodgy stuff I need to fie for the podcast. When you get to the ‘look at all the things I have made’ stage, please put a rope round my neck and drag me there with you!

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