WIP Wednesday- Pollen edition

I have so many projects going on right now and I can’t share any of them! It is a mix of custom requested projects, gift items, and test/samples – all under wraps for the time being.  I really wanted to share something this week, so I started something new. (Who’s surprised? No one who reads this blog for any length of time.  Yeah.) I have dealt with seasonal allergies forever! My dad was a family practitioner, so that was my informal diagnosis from when I was a kid. I have noticed that my allergies have changed a bit over the years – I used to get them guaranteed twice a year – in early September / middle of Spring.  The last few years it seems to be a once a year annoyance, around the middle to end of May. My casual investigation to discover the predominant pollen leads me  to oak and birch tree pollen as the culprits. I have had the Pollen Count pattern in my queue for ages, so I decided to work out the aggression with which I want to rub my itchy eyes and crochet this little guy. Maybe if he’s cute I’ll be less annoyed?

Pollen in progress but once I put eyes on it I think it wants to be something else. #crochet #amigurumi

Anyway, I’m at the point where you add the face before decreasing. I placed the eyes to check the position and then was distracted having to work on something else. For several hours this little guy has been watching me. That has to be the downside of making amigurumi, right? And now I’m thinking I don’t know if this little project really wants to be a pollen grain. He sort of looks like the right shape for a coffee cup.  Or a mouse.  Something.  So, you might see a pollen grain or something else here on Friday.

Side note. In a manner similar to weeds, I find pollen so interesting! This itty-bitty bit of fluff, essentially, harmless to my body but my body thinks it’s bad and makes me sneeze / cough / have itchy-watery eyes to just Get. It. Out! When I was in graduate school, most of my research involved Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and looking at particulate matter (tiny airborne stuff) on Oak leaves. I found a lot of pollen among the other stuff I was looking for – like these! Funny that I spent all that time studying oak leaves and now the oak may be partly to blame for my misery this week!

May your week be sneeze free! Looks like we’re switching from cool spring temperatures to hazy, hot, and humid!

Dislocated & Whelmed

(yeah, no photos to share, so we’ll go with Kermit. His expression is appropriate!)

Life, as it happens, has gotten in the way of my blogging intentions.  There seems to be a bit of this going around in several blogs I enjoy reading, and I would like to give all of you a big hug.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. I started out May doing pretty well and then there were a whole bunch of stumbles and here we are. The kids got sick, Dan & I got sick, we hosted our families for dinners one weekend, then we hosted a bunch of friends & their kids the next. During that last one, we had an unfortunate accident and my husband dislocated his kneecap during a game of frisbee.  Yeah.  He’s fine (and hopefully this was a one-time-freak-accident-thing) but is in an immobilizer cast for 3 weeks.  So I’m whelmed.  Overwhelmed with the day-to-day stuff, taking care of everyone, trying to to do my best with my work. Underwhelmed with myself and why can’t I get more done in less time and my own procrastination / flitting from project to project.  I totally fell behind on the instagram photos-a-day for May. Several other projects I started did not turn out as I hoped. It’s a lot of self-imposed stress and a few inner hissy fits. Maybe June will be my reboot? (again.) May you get to recharge yourself this weekend! I’m hoping to get back to a regular blogging schedule this week with yarn along / WIP wednesday at the very least!

FO Friday

Eventually I will have finished knit projects to share! In the end, I have decided to add two more flowers to the cactus that I shared on Wednesday. I am very excited to have finished a blood drop! I have been meaning to give blood for a long while – I wanted to make it a more regular habit, but then along came Nate, so that put a hold on those plans for a while.  Anyway, this weekend I’ll be donating a pint at a local drive.  I think I will bring along this little guy too! He is worked up in a chunky Lion Brand acrylic and is 6 inches tall.  I would love to make one each time I make a donation – he would be super cute in a sock weight too!

Blood drop

Have a great weekend!

WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along

photo.JPGHappy May! I have a few more books to keep it interesting this week. I haven’t finished the Agatha Christie book yet, but I was so drawn to the cover of Contagious: Why Things Catch On and it seems interesting so far. I thought I would also share what my kids are reading. We are working our way through Little House in the Big Woods with Lorelai. Nate’s been obsessed with Bear at Work. We have several of the “Bear” books, but this one is his favorite. Project-wise, I’m just about ready to pack up this Giant Cactus. I am it needs two more flowers. I have a few knitting jobs that are gearing up, so I’m also swatching.

I’ve decided to add on a few more WIPs, photo-wise.  I do enjoy using Instagram (@nutmegknitter if you’re there!) and am going to try and play along with the “Book-a-Day” and “May-Photo-a-Day” games.


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