Monday Listicle – Beatuy products

Oh me, oh my. I am so low-key in terms of daily products. Seriously, here’s what I looked like this morning:

#fmsphotoaday Me / you


This is today’s June-photo-a-day for the prompt “Me” – we’re ready to head to school. If my hair is brushed & out of my face, and my face has gotten a splash of water / lotion I’m good to go. I don’t have time or patience (and I’m not willing to devote more time / patience) for an extended morning routine. My morning routine is coffee & breakfast! Anyway, this week’s Monday Listicle is “Top 10 Beauty Products You Can’t Live Without”.

  1. Face Lotion with SPF (I’m really pale with a lot of freckles. I burned a lot as a kid. Now I avoid the sun.)
  2. Body Lotion – generic everyday stuff or Body Shop Body Butters
  3. Shampoo / Conditioner (I have a mane with a mind of its own. Usually 2-in-1, time & patience thing)
  4. Soap (Usually Dove or maybe some handmade soap I could get at a fiber festival.)
  5. Contact Lens solution
  6. Toothpaste
  7. Floss (I’m trying to be better.)
  8. Water
  9. Vaseline / Burts Bees (I used to love the original one, but now I like ones that don’t make your lips tingle – Mango, Pomegranate)
  10. Deodorant

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