FO Friday – On the TNNA Runway

On the Runway! Photo from the TNNA Facebook photo album

For the last handful of posts I have alluded to a sample knitting job and I can finally share photos! This sweater is a Jill Wolcott Knits® design, the yarn is a gorgeous red from Red Barn Yarn paired with a red boucle in the trim.   Due to a variety of circumstances, there was a bunch of last minute finishing needed (you can read Jill’s take on it here, all good points!) – I knit the body of the sweater and shipped it off so Jill could complete the trim while I knit the sleeves, then I sent the sleeves to TNNA directly!  I was wondering if it all came together in the final moments – it usually does, but still – you have to wonder! This is the seventh piece that I have made that has ended up on display at TNNA – the first to be in the runway show!

This was an enjoyable knit, the trim is a fairly easy 12 row repeat, and once you pick up the stitches it is stockinette with a touch of shaping.

I’m so happy to be able to link up with FO Friday again!!

3 thoughts on “FO Friday – On the TNNA Runway

  1. Lovely sweater! You must be thrilled that it was in the runway show:)
    Some time can you talk a bit about how you got into sample knitting. I am curious how it works and how one finds work doing it.

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