Random 5 Friday

I don’t have any FO’s to share, but wanted to blog something, so I went looking for ideas and found Random 5 Friday. That works!
photo.JPG1.  “Yunchtime, mommy?” asks this kiddo.  Everyday when we get home after dropping his sister off at camp.  9:15am, looking for “Yunch” after eating a decent breakfast.  Maybe it’s a growth spurt?

2. I love how there are mini versions of candies lately – especially the mini reeses peanut butter cups (no wrappers!). I found mini Starbursts last night – but why do they only come in pinks, orange and yellow? No red or green? Interesting.

3. Friends of mine alerted me to a candy change. In Skittles, the green was lime and it was good.  The new green is Green Apple, which has an odd aftertaste.  I did a side by side taste test, because skittles is not my usual go-to candy, but I should know these things.

4. I have a new project bag from Piddeloop and I am trying to decide what will be the first project for it to hold.


5. I’m absolutely loving the weather yesterday and today.  I don’t care that it’s raining and grey.  Yesterday it was like I went to sleep in summer and woke up in fall – cool, breezy. Last night i slept under the covers! Crazy.  I’m sure it will heat up again but it is so nice to not have the A/C on!


4 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday

  1. How cute are you???
    “Yunch!” – your kiddo looks tiny in the chair. I don’t have any of my own – BUT, i do story times for teeny people – I KNOW how they have a sense of how it’s ‘sposed’ to be.
    I DO have a big fluffy – large – dog. She has a human, gentleman friend . . . she has him trained to do her will. Every time she seems him – she gets treats. SO – every-time she sees him she licks her lips . . AND – if he falters in his expected duty to prepare some kind of gourmet feast – He really hears about it.

    Candy is changing??? Arguh – nothing is sacred.
    Happy Friday!

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