FO Friday: Stripe Study



I am so very excited that I finished my Stripe Study shawl. The first mini-collage was right after I cast off. This was my second project as part of Camp Loopy with The Loopy Ewe. The pattern is so straight forward and perfect for tv-knitting, if you do that sort of thing. This was my first time to use Kauni and I would use it again.  This yarn, being 100% wool, is a bit more on the sheepy-rustic side. I did occasionally find small bits of vegetative matter in there and as the humidity picked up I felt like I noticed more of a sheepy smell.  After a bath in Eucalan (Wrapture), it smells less sheepy and is a bit softer. I absolutely adore the way the colors are so saturated and this gradient colorway. I would seek out Kauni again for other gradient projects. I really would love to get my hands on the rainbow colorway!


The last few rows seemed to take forever, but this project does really move along and I think having a color-changing yarn helped keep my interest.  Now comes the challenge (for me) – how the heck do I wear this thing? As my husband said “It’s not symmetrical.” Yeah, I knew that when I started, but I’m realizing it makes it tricky to wear. It is cozy over the shoulders so I may just wrap myself up in it, or go bandit style.


Jackson approved!

3 thoughts on “FO Friday: Stripe Study

  1. Your shawl is gorgeous! I love the colors. If you search on pinterest for “how to wear a shawl” there are tons of options. Maybe you’ll see something you haven’t thought of.

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