This was a tricky listicle to come up with, in my opinion.  Impractical things – huh. I know them when I see them.  And then I started to take a look around.

1. My Ravelry Queue. 36 pages, 1054 items.  You’ve heard of S.A.B.L.E (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy) I think I may have a case of Q.I.B.L.E (Queued Items Beyond Life Expectancy), but it still won’t get you points in Words with Friends!

2. Me in heels. I was always one of the taller gals, used to standing in the back for photos. I never think of my height until I see a photo of me standing with my friends (they may or may not be in heels) and I am almost a whole head taller. Also, I have never been one who has been drawn to a pair of heels. Flats, sure (I pinned and then went out and bought polka-dot converse!), but heels? Meh. Although these caught my eye:

3. White clothing / sheets / towels / onesies. I may have an irrational feeling that white is just a magnet for something to be spilled on it.

4. Try to folding fitted sheets.  Also, why bother?

5. Picking up after the kids. Seriously, Nate’s most favorite thing to do is to dump out the box of people to play in the castle. Or food stuff for the kitchen.

6. Candy crush.  Stupid game.  Level 165 was seeming pretty impractical for about the last month or so.  Now level 167 is keeping me awake.

7. No coffee in the mornings.  Let’s just not. It’s not good for anyone.

8. Right now my Beekeeper Quilt feels pretty impractical.  I don’t think I’ve made any hexiflats since the summer Olympics (my Modular Relay project).  And yet, I’m still drawn to that sort of project.

9. Trying to buy kids shoes without them there. If you do, it just means another trip to the store to return and exchange.

10. Getting the dog to stop barking.  The windows are open as the humidity has finally gone away – so, you know, the rabbits are farting in his general direction.

I know this quote references the impossible not the impractical, but I couldn’t keep it out of my head when I was trying to write this post!

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10 thoughts on “Impractical.

  1. Ha! so funny about buying shoes with kids not there. I think that’s pretty hard to do. i keep hearing that people are all getting stuck on the same levels – that’s enough for me not to even take a peek at that addicting game. Yeah, white anything…that’s a crazy color to keep clean.

    I think the heels you posted are soooooooooooooooooo unique.

    Happy Listicle Monday!

  2. I’m so glad I haven’t given in and tried candy crush. And yes, picking up after the kids is mostly impractical. It’s like they wait until everything’s picked up, then, BAM! They unpick-up everything again! Finally, my blood type’s coffee too!

  3. I love your list:) My son always has a growth spurt right after I buy him new shoes. Even if he just had one.
    I am still stuck in the 150s on Candy Crush….

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