A new shawl, new book, new socks


Last week in my WIP Wednesday post, I had just downloaded a new book for the kindle. I haven’t even looked at that book once because on Thursday I got the notice from the library that Me Before You was in for me to pick up. I have had trouble putting it down, it’s fantastic. Project wise, I’ve been moving along on the socks for L. She has seen me work on them, but hasn’t asked about them and I haven’t said much about them to her either.  They are moving along quickly which is great! The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll and I keep finding myself thinking about how soft these are! I hope they hold up okay. I should be on to the foot tonight or tomorrow. I have started an Augusta Shawl as my third project for Camp Loopy. I’m using Manos del Uruguay Serena and it is heavenly. Here’s a shot of the project with the colors I will be using:

Camp loopy #3 planned

Do you see that black thing holding the pattern on the left? It reminds me of when I was in elementary school. The daily attendance was marked off on a paper and then each classroom would hang it on the door for collection. My k-8 school had one long corridor (one door for each grade) and when I was in 8th grade I got to be the one to collect the attendance and bring it to the office.

There are also a few other secret projects that are in progress & finished, but I can’t share them yet.

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