Fiddly WIPs

Fiddly WIPsIt’s the Wednesday before school starts and life is fiddly. We are getting ready for the start of Kindergarten for the Lorax and early preschool for the Nutmeg. I have what feels like a million things going on in my head (label this, read that, pay attention to this schedule, wait! who needs shoes / pants / etc, wait! you need a binder and page protectors? for kindergarten?! Fill out those forms!). I have actively worked on all these projects this week and they are all fiddly right now! I am enjoying working on them but as I have finished my Camp Loopy project (yay! stay tuned for Friday!) I now have no auto-pilot knitting! For shame! Time to cast on something else 🙂 Maybe I will be able to try a plain toe-up sock again. I think I will need a project for waiting on the school bus and parking lot pick ups. The purple-white item on the left is to be a gift so I can’t say much else about that. I picked up the Simple Summer Socks again and am in the middle of the heel.  Above those are two green arms for Terence, the tap-dancing-dinosaur. I want one of these for myself and will likely knit him again after a while, although I read ahead in the pattern and his feet? Essentially socks.  16 stitch wide socks.  Oy. The grey / green stripe is the first of what I’m calling DPH Socks (original pattern: IBH Toasty Toes), in Green Mountain Spinnery’s Weekend Wool – love this yarn! I almost used a skein to make that new Mary Anne Hat, but instead will put it on my shopping list for Rhinebeck. And then above them are my Carousel socks. when I took that out of the bag to photograph, I pulled out the needle and then couldn’t get the stitches picked back up proper so I pulled out about 1.5 inches of work there, ugh. There is one more sock pattern I have started, a pair of knee-highs for the Lorax, not included in the group shot. I have the toe of one sock done and wanted to get the second one set and then work them two-at-a-time. That technique is really growing on me!


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