September Starts with Socks

Sock WIPs
I have two shareable WIPs this week, both are socks, and both are pretty much at the same point in construction. Sock #1 of the DPH pair is ready for a heel turn. Sock #1 of Lorelai’s Knee Highs is also ready for a heel turn. I am pretty sure that I will start the second sock of each respective pair in the next few days, work each through the heel turn, then work them two-at-a-time for the rest. Lorelai’s need a bit more attention to ensure that they are done before she has another growth spurt and only wears them once! I had a chance yesterday to go to the library (by myself!) so I was poking around in the new book section. I heard about Mike Greenberg’s book, All You Could Ask For, on Faith Middelton’s Book Show. I started on it this morning and am really enjoying it! I have also included the book Baby Penguins Everywhere, by Melissa Guion. This was a fun surprise I grabbed when I was last at the library with my kids. The illustrations are absolutely adorable – I think my favorite is when the penguin is just covered in babies, and then when she has a moment to herself.




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