Nothing but a mess

MessHello Wednesday. It’s September 11, a day that will always make me stop, for more than a moment.  Remember what happened, and remember what happened next. There was a lot of knitting amid the mess. And that will take me into my WIPs for this week. I have finished a few projects, started / stopped others, ripped out another. The space between my desk and the couch is where most of my current projects reside. It is a disaster area. I am hoping to be able to sort this out today – put away the needles not in use, wind up and return the yarn leftovers to stash and figure out the current state of the active projects. I can tolerate a great deal of clutter, it just doesn’t bother me most days (and I’m organized in my head), but today I’m fed up. Ready to chuck it all and start from scratch.  Here’s to a tidy rest of the week!



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