Waiting on WIP Wednesday

Today is a tough day. Violet is having open heart surgery. I’m waiting, hoping, praying, and sending as many positive thoughts as I can out into the universe. I am welcoming distractions of my own kids and work, and my yarn is not far (right next to my computer actually, and at my feet). I have an almost-finished Windschief hat, I am short by several yards, but luckily another knitter has the same yarn and is helping me after that foolish game of yarn chicken (I love that phrase!). The collar on my Morning Coffee is slowly but surely moving along (how is it possible that 4 inches feels like you have to knit 4 feet?). I worked a bit on the Rainbow Latte socks; they need to be measured for a double check, but I am pretty sure they are ready for some heel work. I started a dinosaur for Nate and I have started a wee pair of socks for Violet to help keep monitors in place. I picked up a book based purely on title and cover photo, then I realized it was written by a blogger who I had given up on reading / following. I gave the book a two-chapter chance and we’re not clicking, so that will go back to the library. It’s a meh sort of day and I really don’t feel like pulling out the projects for a photo, so instead I turn to pinterest.  Give your kids a hug.

(Most awesome Threadless Shirt appropriate for today I think)



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