Teal and Violet

Here’s hoping this is the day when things turn around. The new school and work routines are still in progress. My WIPs are somewhat under control (after I wind up a lot more yarn today), and I’ve been finishing things too! First up is a project for my niece. I saw the pattern for these baby bloomers in early August and as I knew there was a new baby girl on the way, I just had to make them! When I picked the yarn, I did not know that she would be named Violet – I just really liked the color. I did one row of the hearts and the end result is very sweet. Though they are meant for a 3 month old, I think they might be more of a 3-6 month size. If I were to do them again (which I might) I would use a stretchier bind-off at each leg opening, so there would be a bit more give for chubby baby legs (or layers with tights). My other FO this week is in support of “Tealtember” to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer. I bought a skein of Malabrigo Rasta in the Spring for Malabrigo March, but never started the project. When I pulled out my teal yarns, I spotted the Rasta already caked up and ready to go. I used Liat Gat’s free pattern for Super Bulky Toe Up Socks to make a very warm pair of slipper socks. I did not divide the cake before I started, so I did play a bit of yarn chicken and my result is that one sock is slightly shorter than the other. I’m fine with that, and when they are worn this winter it won’t bother me. These are super warm and worked up super quick. I started the first one Friday afternoon waiting for the bus to come home and that night, after watching a few video podcasts, I had a sock!


Nothing but a mess

MessHello Wednesday. It’s September 11, a day that will always make me stop, for more than a moment.  Remember what happened, and remember what happened next. There was a lot of knitting amid the mess. And that will take me into my WIPs for this week. I have finished a few projects, started / stopped others, ripped out another. The space between my desk and the couch is where most of my current projects reside. It is a disaster area. I am hoping to be able to sort this out today – put away the needles not in use, wind up and return the yarn leftovers to stash and figure out the current state of the active projects. I can tolerate a great deal of clutter, it just doesn’t bother me most days (and I’m organized in my head), but today I’m fed up. Ready to chuck it all and start from scratch.  Here’s to a tidy rest of the week!


Done Dinosaur


Way back in April I agreed to knit a Terence the Tap Dancing T-rex as part of an swap on Ravelry. Thankfully, the intended recipient is very patient with me. This dinosaur is ready to head off to a new home! His body (including tail and arms) were made with one skein of Ella Rae Worsted, the striped tummy panel are Cascade 220 Superwash. Nate spotted him as I was trying to take photos and promptly ran off with him! Looks like I will be making another in the near future. I’m a bit curious about working this pattern again with a super bulky yarn – there have been several of Rebecca Danger’s monsters made at my SnB lately with larger yarns and they are just incredible! Check out the blog roundup over at Tami’s to see what others have are up to!


September Starts with Socks

Sock WIPs
I have two shareable WIPs this week, both are socks, and both are pretty much at the same point in construction. Sock #1 of the DPH pair is ready for a heel turn. Sock #1 of Lorelai’s Knee Highs is also ready for a heel turn. I am pretty sure that I will start the second sock of each respective pair in the next few days, work each through the heel turn, then work them two-at-a-time for the rest. Lorelai’s need a bit more attention to ensure that they are done before she has another growth spurt and only wears them once! I had a chance yesterday to go to the library (by myself!) so I was poking around in the new book section. I heard about Mike Greenberg’s book, All You Could Ask For, on Faith Middelton’s Book Show. I started on it this morning and am really enjoying it! I have also included the book Baby Penguins Everywhere, by Melissa Guion. This was a fun surprise I grabbed when I was last at the library with my kids. The illustrations are absolutely adorable – I think my favorite is when the penguin is just covered in babies, and then when she has a moment to herself.



It’s Time for Teal-tember

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month! There are so many ways to get involved and help spread the word.

Maybe you have heard about Teal Toes? The idea is to get in one more pedicure before the weather turns and by having an unusual color like teal, when people comment on it, it is an easy way to start a discussion about OC. Long have I loved blue-green colors, and I’m finding that teal is really my favorite color (even if it wasn’t the color of this fabulous cause). It can range from blue-blue-green to green-blue-green, it can be mermaid-ish, or peacock-ish – but when it’s good, you know it when you see it. I tend to favor the bluer teals, more jewel-toned than shimmery. My usual go-to polish was OPI Ski Teal We Drop, but when I went for a pedicure on Saturday, I couldn’t find it! Instead I chose Essie Go Overboard, which I really am pleased with.

I’m also happy to see so many in the fiber community get involved as well. Last year I bought a special StitchedbyJessalu bag as part of a fundraiser, I also bought “Fade Out Ovarian Cancer” handdyed / handspun (since I don’t spin) from Stitches’n’Rows. This year, I have pre-ordered a skein of Tealtember Journey Sock Yarn Ovarian Cancer Awareness from unwindyarncompany. The High Fiber Diet podcast is behind Tealtember. Check it out on Ravelry too – there is an “everything a-long” with prizes if you: donate to http://www.ovariancancer.org/ & post that you did; Paint your nails (toes or fingers) Teal and post a photo; Talk to someone about teal toes or ovarian cancer and post about it; Crochet, knit, spin, sew or weave something teal and post a finished picture.

Teal toes (Essie go overboard) & my teal yarn, ready for #tealtember #ovariancancerawareness #tealtoesI pulled out my stash of teal yarns this morning and took a photo of my toes! Now what to make? I would really like to finish that sock’s mate (CookieA’s cusp from when I test knit it, in Alchemy Juniper) and I have Malabrigo Rasta already caked (probably for the project I intended to do during Malabrigo March). That’s probably a good start, considering the state of my WIPs.

Please take a moment or two and check out ovariancancer.org to educate yourself! Unfortunately, there is no test at this point in time, so awareness and education are key.