It’s Wednesday?!

Bugger. I’m so off this week. I keep thinking yesterday was today, my email has been wonky and it’s just an all around kerfluffle. I should have a WIP update, but I don’t even have a photo ready. I haven’t touched my 30 day sweater because of the knitting distractions over the weekend. This week I’ve been trying to knit a hat for my son (a Toasty Topper – I made one for my daughter that she wore for 3 years!), I picked up my Green Mountain Spinnery socks again (RH Toasty Toes), and thanks to a few swaps I have a bad cast of startitis. Perhaps thankfully, in order to start anything I would have to wind up yarn and that just hasn’t happened yet. Maybe after I post this. But I really should work on my sweater.

Did you know today is Candy Corn Day? I feel like I knew, but forgot.  I am not a big fan of yellow or orange colors – I can appreciate them in combination with other colors, but generally I avoid them. Except in candy corn. I like the tradition yellow, orange, white kind. Here’s to a sugar high over the next few days!



I already know I’m going to want to spotlight the kid’s Halloween costumes on Friday (they are very awesome FOs, even if they are not knit) so I figure that today I’ll share a bit about my weekend, which does include knitting projects!

Saturday was the end of this session of swim lessons. I am so proud of my girl, she is really making progress and seems to be enjoying it, so we will continue. Maybe because our day started so early, but Saturday seemed to drag on and just be an endless day. Whiney children will do that. The weather here has taken a sharp drop and it’s time to pull out the hats and mitts. I intended to start a pair of mitts for the little nutmeg, but I knew once I got through the cuff they were too big. I thought I had a fingering weight yarn and thought if I held it double and made a smaller size that all would work out in the end.  They did work out, but not for him – I had the Lorax try on the cuff and it fit her, so I continued on to make them for her. I am really pleased with how they came out and will make this pattern again – it is Maize, a free pattern from TinCanKnits.

Saturday night I attempted to finish Dinosaur Rex, and I ran out of yarn! I knew I was getting to the end, so I divided the yarn in half, then started the leg and I only was able to knit 12 rows. My husband said the dino didn’t need the legs and of course it was the first thing the Lorax noticed when she saw him! I think there’s a limerick in there somewhere:  “Terrence, the tap dancing dinosaur / Only has 2 limbs instead of four / (something something something – I ran out of yarn, with none to be found?) / So Terrence will tap-dance no more.” I made him with Vanna’s Choice, something easy to find, but this was a stashbusting project and I really don’t want to buy another skein of it just for the legs. (If you have 1/3 or 1/4 a cranberry skein, let me know! I’ll buy it from you!). I’m thinking about maybe just giving him stripey legs to match the tummy panel, but for now, it will do. It is still a huggable toy.

On Sunday I took the Lorax to the town “Trunk or Treat” which was very cute and great people watching. It was a nice Halloween event for families, so it ran towards the cute vs gory or scary, and there weren’t older kids around being obnoxious (which they totally could have done). We saw a stick figure family, a scuba diver, a minion, princesses, lots of animals: dogs, cats, bunnies, and sharks – lots of sharks. Maybe I kept seeing the same kids but it seemed like there were a lot of sharks. I also finished a project that is a present and being sent off today; I should be able to share that one on Friday too.

And here we are, looking at Monday. I am hoping to do more with my 30 day sweater and my queue of fingerless mitts / hats is just ridiculous, but involves using some new yarns, so that’s fun!


FO Friends

Holy smokes, where does the time go?! I have meaning to post all week and it just hasn’t happened. In short, Rhinebeck was highly successful for me. Lots of stash enhancement and all items on my shopping list (Weekend Wool for several hats and the Lodestar Mittens, from Green Mountain Weekend; Good Karma Farm sock yarn; gifts for swaps; new-to-me yarn from Miss Babs and Briar Rose Fibers). I also got to get in a bit of baby snuggle time with my niece! And then whoosh went this week. I do have two little friends to share this week and it is a farewell of sorts to these little guys – both are headed off to new homes as part of swap packages.

First is a Runty Raccoon, from Rebecca Danger’s 50 Yards of Fun book. Adorable in my opinion. Fun to knit, a little fiddly but really I’ve yet to make a stuffie that isn’t fiddly. Generally this was less fiddly as the limbs were picked up and knit on, no attaching parts at the end. He’s about 5″, made with stash yarn. The grey is a Farmhouse Yarn.  I am really looking forward to making more of these little guys – I would even go so far as to say I want to knit them all, but let’s not go crazy. Winter is coming and I have gifts to knit.

This Baby Ghost was a super quick crochet project – I used Debbie Bliss baby Cashmerino (fancy baby ghost) and a 2.75mm hook.  He’s very wee. This was my first project from Josephine Wu (aka A Morning Cup of Jo) and I’ll be back for more, her designs are so cute!


I’ve been also consumed this week by creating the kid’s Halloween Costumes and trying to catch up on my 30 Day Sweater (I’m about a week behind – about ready to do the bottom ribbing, then on to the sleeves). Also, the weather has sharply dropped and both kids need hats / mittens / hand warmers.  Phew. How about you?



To Rhinebeck!


The time has come – Rhinebeck is this weekend! I will be there in my new “Rhinebeck Sweater” – I picked up the yarn at last year’s show, and have finished it to wear when I go on Sunday. Proudly presenting my newest FO, Morning Coffee by Kate Oates! The yarn is from Good Karma Farm and I give them two thumbs up. They will be at Rhinebeck, check them out! This is the third sweater I’ve knit in their yarn (but the first for me – Charleston Tea was knit as a sample in the same dyelot, V Neck Down Pullover was knit in a gorgeous green for a gift) and my 30 Day Sweater WIP is in this yarn as well (the When Doves Dye colorway). Safe to say, I am a fan. For a while, I had a mental block about how to do the buttons. The buttonhole row was put in two rows too early, but that is my own “design feature” and has nothing to do with the pattern.  My other design feature is that I chose to not alternate skeins as I worked with them. Also a gamble, but in my previous experience with this yarn, it worked out just fine. Mostly, things were ok here though one skein was obviously lighter – you can see the difference at my left shoulder there. I notice it in the photos, but as it is only on the top, it seems intentional! The original buttons I bought back in the spring just weren’t right so I went looking on etsy. It felt a bit risky to order buttons only, but I am thrilled.  My buttons came from from Wooden Heart Buttons on etsy, specifically Distressed Cornflower / Periwinkle blue. Love them. They are lightweight and match the variegated yarn quite nicely. I separated the yarn into the plies for sewing on the buttons and that worked great!

This week has been a bit rough, I don’t want to go into much here because I would just be vague anyway. We’re dealing with some things and I am very much looking forward to the joy that Rhinebeck / wool fumes bring. I was jumping around outside trying to get a less posed shot and this was the best of the bunch. I was sweating after jumping around – this is a WARM sweater! I will probably have on a bright orange shirt underneath with a sheep on it. I hope you’ll say hi!


So here’s to Rhinebeck – safe travels! Happy shopping!

Did you happen to see the Rhinebeck Video? It’s fantastic – I’m in it twice – don’t blink around 3:30 and 4:30 and you’ll see me and my local SnB gals!


A Bunny Buddy


 I finished up this little bunny rattle last week for a visit to see my niece last weekend. It is actually a rattle, and the pattern is very simple.  He’s cute and I would make this again.  I had a bit of trouble taking a good picture to show the scale – the whale bag is about 8″ tall? Next to the sleepy Violet is not a good way to tell either, as she is still so wee and bundled up! I am pleased to report that she (and her parents) are home from the hospital! I am very much looking forward to seeing her next week before Rhinebeck!

I have another FO of sorts – we made Team Violet t-shirts to take with us as well, they were a big hit! Do you see her bird mobile? Her mom made that – this little lady is surrounded by quite a crafty crew!


I’m looking forward to a weekend of knitting, weaving in ends, blocking, attaching buttons and maybe even pulling out my sewing machine! How about you?


Stripes and blobs

WIPs 10.8.13My weekly pile of projects! It’s relatively small this week, as the bulk of my time was spent on my 30 Day Sweater Challenge (and then, ripping it out). I worked on the dinosaur tummy panel during a meeting, and his tail was started during a car ride. The stripey socks have the heel flaps done and are ready for a little bit more attention to turn the heel. The blurb in the lower portion of the photo is the current state of my 30 Day Sweater. I am hoping to make some serious progress over the next few nights. I would like nothing more than to be under a big pile of wool right now – I have come down with whatever cold is going around and I’m freezing! My afternoon plans include working from the couch (thank heavens for laptops and being able to work from home), several refills of a mug of hot water, and a blanket. Exciting times. A very exciting note is that the buttons I ordered for my Morning Coffee have arrived and I think they will work! I’m planning to get that finished up this weekend (ends woven in, blocked, attach buttons). It will be next week’s FO & I’ll be wearing it to Rhinebeck!



Steps forward, steps back

I was so excited last night about my knitting. I have been diligent about working my way through the 30 Day Sweater ebook recipe for a basic long sleeve pullover. I really like how it is broken down into a percentage to work each day. It has been manageable, and that’s impressive if you also note that i have worked on two other projects, finished a third, among the usual day-to-day life distractions as well. This has become my auto-pilot knitting. So, last night, I double checked my measurement, put the sleeves on waste yarn (day 6 done right on time!), put the body on waste yarn, and put the sweater on.


Except it’s not so much with a trumpet fanfare, but more of a trombone’s “Whomp-waaaahhh”.  There’s just too much fabric in the front.  If I sit it way back so that fold of fabric in the front goes away, the raglan increases sit at really odd spots on my body. Ugh. I tossed it aside, scoured over my notes for the pattern, and went to bed angry at my sweater. I am positive the mistake is all mine, in that when I cast-on to start working in the round, I cast-on the total number of front stitches instead of just the number of center front stitches. Big difference. This morning I was still fuming. I thought about chucking it, ripping it out, starting a different project entirely. I have also thought about letting it be, but then it’s just another sweater to wear only around the house and the yarn is too nice for this project to be a dumb house sweater right from the get-go. By lunchtime I had decided to rip back and re-do that cast on. The deed is done, and it’s back on the needles. I’m back at Day 3.

It’s only yarn. It’s a plain stockinette sweater, not some heavily patterned cabled lace in mohair. But still, nothing bruises a knitter’s ego so swiftly as having to rip back because you didn’t read the directions properly.  Are you doing the 30 Day sweater challenge? How’s it going?

Just another list

I don’t have any finished objects to share right now, but I did want to make a post. While doing some blog searches this afternoon I came across Pip’s post, “Things I Grew Up With” and it just struck a chord. Who doesn’t need a good dash of nostalgia on a Friday afternoon? (Also? I love this #52lists idea and may have to play along!) I am so obviously a child of the 80s, how about you?

My (very incomplete) list of “Things I Grew Up With”:

Rainbow Brite Gardening with my dad
Punky Brewster Ed Emberly books
JEM Flute Lessons
Michael Jackson Ponytails
My Little Ponies French Braids
Strawberry Shortcake Sleepovers
Jelly Shoes Tiger Beat
Debbie Gibson Corey Haim
Tiffany Labyrinth
MTV Muppets
Cheerios Muppet Movies
Little House on the Prairie Books
Nancy Drew Books Trips to the RI beaches
Judy Blume Books outings on my grandfather’s boat
Beverly Cleary Books Trips to the zoo
Floss friendship bracelets  Dukes of Hazaard
Roos sneakers Singin’ in the Rain
Pogo Ball Victory Garden on PBS
Braingames Star Wars
Girl Scouts Pen pals

Decisions on WIP Wednesday

WIPs 10/2Here’s my pleasant pile of projects and what I’m perusing. I’m on the button-hole band of my Morning Coffee and I’ve hit a wall (it’s all mostly mental). Part one: The buttons are still to be determined! I bought a set at the CT Sheep and Wool this spring, but a) I don’t absolutely love them and b) I’m worried that the 8 buttons I have are slightly too small and would look silly. I found some interesting buttons on etsy and ordered them. They have shipped, so hopefully once they get here all will be clear. Part two: I was watching a “Fiber Factor” judging episode and Cirilia mentioned this particular chapter in the “Knitting in Plain English” book. That’s “Buttonholes are Bastards” in case you can’t read it in the photo. I hesitate to make a button-hole band because I haven’t decided on buttons and I’m wondering if maybe faking the buttons (putting them on the front) and adding snaps to the back is an easier work around. I need to mull it over a bit more. Also in that pile you can see I have started a Runty Raccoon from Rebecca Danger’s 50 Yards of Fun book. He’s for a swap and he’s coming out so cute! Nate’s Dinosaur has also been worked on – the main body is done, as is the tummy panel (not shown, but it’s yellow and orange striped), so I have limbs and the tail still to do. The swatch is my swatch for the 30 Day Sweater challenge. Same yarn as in my Morning Coffee sweater, Good Karma Farm 60% wool / 40% alpaca in the “When Doves Dye” colorway. I love this yarn! After my mental flip-flopping over a pattern, I’m going to go with a very basic pullover sweater, customized by my measurements and the gauge measurements, following the 30-day outline. I’m going to try and take a picture daily, then compile them for a post – maybe weekly, but at the very least include them in my Ravelry project page. The math is done, today is a cast on day (done!) and I have just under 3 inches to knit. Seems do-able.

Happy October!