Stripes and blobs

WIPs 10.8.13My weekly pile of projects! It’s relatively small this week, as the bulk of my time was spent on my 30 Day Sweater Challenge (and then, ripping it out). I worked on the dinosaur tummy panel during a meeting, and his tail was started during a car ride. The stripey socks have the heel flaps done and are ready for a little bit more attention to turn the heel. The blurb in the lower portion of the photo is the current state of my 30 Day Sweater. I am hoping to make some serious progress over the next few nights. I would like nothing more than to be under a big pile of wool right now – I have come down with whatever cold is going around and I’m freezing! My afternoon plans include working from the couch (thank heavens for laptops and being able to work from home), several refills of a mug of hot water, and a blanket. Exciting times. A very exciting note is that the buttons I ordered for my Morning Coffee have arrived and I think they will work! I’m planning to get that finished up this weekend (ends woven in, blocked, attach buttons). It will be next week’s FO & I’ll be wearing it to Rhinebeck!




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