It’s Wednesday?!

Bugger. I’m so off this week. I keep thinking yesterday was today, my email has been wonky and it’s just an all around kerfluffle. I should have a WIP update, but I don’t even have a photo ready. I haven’t touched my 30 day sweater because of the knitting distractions over the weekend. This week I’ve been trying to knit a hat for my son (a Toasty Topper – I made one for my daughter that she wore for 3 years!), I picked up my Green Mountain Spinnery socks again (RH Toasty Toes), and thanks to a few swaps I have a bad cast of startitis. Perhaps thankfully, in order to start anything I would have to wind up yarn and that just hasn’t happened yet. Maybe after I post this. But I really should work on my sweater.

Did you know today is Candy Corn Day? I feel like I knew, but forgot.  I am not a big fan of yellow or orange colors – I can appreciate them in combination with other colors, but generally I avoid them. Except in candy corn. I like the tradition yellow, orange, white kind. Here’s to a sugar high over the next few days!


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