Sock Love

I have not one, but two pairs of finished socks to share! The first, RH’s Toasty Toes have been on the needles for a while. I started these with the intention of giving them to Dan but have decided to keep them. I really love them, they are super warm and cozy and I know I will wear them a lot. Knitting Weekend Wool on US3s makes for a pretty dense material, but it’s still got some squish to it.  I think this may be the last time I knit socks one at a time – one sock is slightly shorter than the other in the foot.  No one will ever know, and it won’t keep me from wearing them, but I can feel a difference on my foot. I also missed making the heel a different color. Oops!

The next pair of socks were knit two-at-a-time, top down in Twisted Limone “Over the Rainbow” – my first self-striping yarn. I used the Vanilla Latte pattern and any mistakes you might spot in the pattern are my own in not paying attention. I started these in September and kept them in the car for knitting while waiting to pick up kids from school or at swim lessons. Once I was on the foot and the toe decreases were in sight I brought them in the house for knitting when I needed a plain project. I am already thinking about my next pair of stripey socks! I plan on using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel – I bought the pattern (only $1 – you get a lot of info!) and have been reading and making measurements; it seems pretty brilliant.

Did I tell you about the other current sock-in-progress? I’m working on a pair of socks for Dan, the Simple Skyp Socks using Bugga!, and they are just heavenly to work with.  The first sock is ready for a heel turn, so I’m considering starting the second sock now, working both through the heel turns then doing the feet two-at-a-time. I will use this pattern again – it’s relaxing and easy but gives a neat texture.  I have many variegated colorways in the stash that I think would look really fun.

Hats on Friday

Fall handknts

Sometime last week, or possibly the week before, as the outside temperatures took a major dip, school sent home a note that I needed to send “winter gear” in with my son.  And then we also had to turn on the heat. The time had come to dig out the hats and mitts and scarves and such and take stock.  I did pick up a hat and mittens set for the little nutmeg to have as back up, but also cast on a proper hat. Way back when, I made a Toasty Topper for the Lorax (man, 2009. Look how little!) and she wore that hat for 4 years! It is such a great design – the ties are wide enough to tie securely, the shaping at the back of the neck keeps the hat on and necks warm. It was a natural choice for Nate.  I dug out a bright blue acrylic yarn and it worked up super quick.  He hasn’t fought me too much on wearing it – he was game to have it on outside over the weekend, doing errands this week, kept it on when he went to school and wanted it back on when it was time to leave.  Success! It does keep falling down over one eye, but that is either due to the shape of his head or how I’ve tied it.

Hat & photobombI also finished a new hat for me! I started November Leaves in Green Mountain Spinnery’s Weekend Wool I picked up at Rhinebeck and I could not stop working on it. I love this yarn and the pattern was great. I knit it up by the directions but found it was a bit too tall for me for a fitted beanie style. I ripped back and started my decreases right after the lace section was completed. I have missed knitting hats and plan to do more. A kind knitter sent me yarn to make dinosaur legs and I plan to use the rest of the skein to pay it forward by making a few hats for PatPatsHats.

Enjoyable WIPs


Is it fair to show a WIP that is now finished? If you follow me on pretty much any other social media channel, I posted about how I started a hat over the weekend, and couldn’t stop working on it! It’s done, washed, and is drying now.  I hope I will be able to get a few photos tomorrow. When it was still in-progress, I popped it on Jackson, just to see – I may have to indulge the pup and make him a new neckwarmer out of the lovely Weekend Wool! I also started a sock, the first of a pair intended for my husband. The yarn is Bugga and has such a great squish factor, along with the phenomenal color. He respects and appreciates the handknits, so I enjoy knitting for him. I will make this pattern, Simple Skyp Socks, again as it feels like it just flies off the needles! I have some highly variegated yarn in my stash that I would like to see how it plays with the stitch pattern. I think a tonal or semisolid would also work well here. It reminds me of knitting the Monkey socks – it’s enjoyable to knit and is a pattern that works with every yarn. Have you had an enjoyable WIP this week?




The Quiet Busy

This weekend was all together too short and too long. We had one designated, planned thing on each day, (each in town and under 2 hours) but by Sunday night we both thought this weekend was too busy.  As the holiday season rolls in and we’re looking forward to a fundraising event for family, Thanksgiving, L’s 6th birthday, a baptism, a wedding, Christmas, I don’t see how the weekends could possibly be anything but busy.  Anyway, this weekend involved:

  • Swim lessons
  • A less-than-enjoyable dinner out (a toddler in a bad mood doesn’t make a good dinner mate)
  • A birthday party
  • Daylight Savings time – we “fall” back and “gain” an hour, but it just throws the kids off. I could be on board with this!
  • Chores: all the laundry, vacuuming, and picking up

I think my 30 day sweater is officially going in to hibernation. I would rather work on other things and I have gifts to start. I wound up yarn for a pair of socks for Dan, and a hat for me. Then I couldn’t stop knitting on the hat! I finished it too, but it’s too tall so I have to rip back. I’m ok with that and look forward to sharing it on Friday! Along with this other hat that I’ll share a peek at today, because it’s just a cute picture.

Halloween Hangover


This really was a Halloween to remember for a variety of reasons. This was the first “real” Halloween in 2 years (2011 had a snowstorm, 2012 had Sandy aftermath), my daughter was old enough to actually get into the whole costume and trick-or-treating side of things, and it was warm! Like 60 degrees F!! Positively balmy. Costumes that can keep you warm are key in New England, otherwise they are likely to get covered with a coat. Anyway, it was a good night. We almost did a witch costume again (or maybe a princess), but after showing Lorelai my pinterest boards she was won over by Wonder Woman. Who is a princess on top of being awesome, didn’t you know? Side note, L kept proclaiming “I am Princess Diana” in the car. That was a tricky one to explain – yes, true, but say you’re Wonder Woman, because there’s another Princess Diana and you’re not dressed like her! I am so proud of this costume, homemade and awesome. We covered an old pair of rainboots with duck tape, luckily found some star fabric and glitter foam at JoAnn’s. And she was the only Wonder Woman we saw.

IMG_5829Another pinterest find, Nate was Captain Picard, which also got some notice from other parents when we were out and about.  Again, handmade (assorted Hanes t-shirts & Steam-a-Seam & glitter foam) and he was warm.  It was fun to try and coach him to say “Make It So”, “Engage”, “Captain’s Log”, “Number 1” in addition to “trick or treat”.

I also have an FO for this week. I made a pair of Miittens for baby Vi – either to use as a deterrent from pulling out her feeding tub or as actual mittens. These were super quick to make and I would make them again for Vi if she likes or as baby gifts in the future.

I’m happy for the weekend, even though it looks to be busy.  How about you?