Made for Baby

Last week at SnB, my fellow knitters provided a little celebration for LittleNutmeg! I was so surprised and am so flattered by their kindness and generosity! Wife,”Mom”,Knitter took photos – if you click on through you’ll see that I am making the same face in pretty much each one 🙂 My little one is quite lucky to have “Knitting Aunts” that all wish him or her well! I mean absolutely NO disrespect to anyone else’s knitting, and I do hope that the gals are not offended by my photos of their items with Jackson – but it is what I tend to do around here, and since there isn’t any other appropriate sized little one around, he gets to model!

Wife,”Mom”,Knitter blogged about the Funky Chicken she made – I’ve decided in it’s Muppet-ness, this chicken is to be called “Camilla” (that was the name of the chicken who was Gonzo’s main squeeze).


Denise has ensured the baby’s coolness with a pair of Baby Converse!


Costumechick worked up a stunning bamboo lace shawl / blanket that I look forward to snuggling under when it cools down a bit (and as we continue to crank the AC) in one of my favorite shade of teal blue.


Lisa crocheted an “Under the Sea” blanket – I just love the colors in this and the detail – the turtle shell swirl, the octopus tentacles!


Archiknist knit a pair of baby legwarmers (these were on my to-do list, now I don’t have to!) and matching hat!


I think Jackson approves – everything is snuggly!

FakeKnitter made a delicious cake that was such a sweet treat that night and for breakfast! Lorelai loved the frosting especially!

I am so honored to call these ladies my friends!

Embracing Imperfection (or Not).

I’ve been working on a baby blanket, the babysquared pattern in particular, designed and shared by WifeMomKnitter. Last night I noticed that over the last 30 rows or so I had messed up the pattern. It was all my fault – I was decreasing at the wrong spot. I took a close look at the blanket and thought hard.

The pattern is a scallop-lace style in a rainbow-striping yarn. The mistakes were sort of hidden in a darker part of the rainbow. The mom-to-be is a non-knitter, would she even notice? For two or three rows I thought it over – the blanket would not be cast aside for such a silly reason (I hope), the baby is not going to mind (I hope – though maybe it will help with pattern recognition later on in life? That’s thinking it over too much!) – and decided to leave it. But then, I no longer saw the pretty scallop-lace pattern and the lovely rainbow stripes! My eye went straight to the mistakes. Rrrrrrriiiiiiiiipppppppppppppp. I was able to insert a lifeline and that was a huge help. This pattern is quite enjoyable to knit, so I do not mind having to redo a section. After I got going again I noticed something else, do you see it?
One side of the blanket has a 5 stitch border, the other side has a 7 stitch border. Again, all user error. At least I’m consistent and that error bothers me less.

For today’s thing-a-day, since I am working on re-doing some of the blanket, I’m going to share someone else’s creative endeavors, go check out the Attention!Employees blog, especially today’s post – you will see someone I work with.
And a little silly story: A few weeks back the Lorax and I went to visit Dan at work. We said hello to a few people, checked out where his cube is, etc. After we went out to eat. In the car on the way to eat, the Lorax piped up “Mommy, that was fun to see Daddy’s work. Tomorrow Mommy can we see where you work?” Ummmm, my work is currently in the kitchen and great room and bathrooms – you’re there every day!! 🙂

Happy things

Things that make me happy right now:
New Yarns!
Susan from Schaefer Yarn Company, in the “Laura Ingalls Wilder” colorway. This is likely going to become Storm Cloud Shawlette, Calais, or Traveling Woman. (Is this picture ugly-pretty? I was playing around with fabric and while I don’t love it as a background for the yarn, it makes the some of the color in the yarn come out a bit more).

100g of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the Ysolda Red. Tricky to photograph – there are many subtleties to this colorway. I love it. It will likely become socks as I don’t know if I can pull off a red shawl / wrap… but it would be stunning!

I finished a pink Milo for a baby girl who should be here any moment now. She’s the intended recipient of the ladybug jacket I’m working on (all the knitting is done. Just have to make all the spots and sew them on, weave in ends) – but the jacket could fit the Lorax. So, this will fit her this fall – I used Cascade 220 and knit the newborn size, hoping for a 0-6 month size, following the example of another raveler. This was a really quick knit and fun – the pattern has sizing up through size 4, so I plan to make one for the Lorax as well.

I’m taking a break from my Swirl Shawl – it lost it’s mojo. I am unsettled as to what I want to do with it. In the meantime, I have started a new shawl which has been graced with probably my longest project name ever: “Herbivore of Spring Flowers at Twilight”
Shawl Progress
Herbivore pattern and Indigo Moon superwash merino fingering yarn, colorway “Spring Flowers at Twilight” – I’m loving this yarn – I keep stopping to admire the colors that pop up on the needles.

I’ve also got a new project to start – a sample knit and it’s hush-hush, but the yarn is luscious and the pattern is gorgeous!

Flower Girl

You know what’s fun? Knitting for the wee ones. What’s more fun? Seeing the knit item on the wee one.

Several friends of ours have had babies this year. This is one of the newest ones, E – she was born in early May and yesterday we all got together to just hang out. Times have changed since college, but it is really nice that we are all still friends and look forward to getting together. I knit up a little headband for E from and did follow the directions as noted on the Ravelry page (Flower is done following the Pacifier Clip from Susan B. Anderson’s Itty Bitty Nursery and an EZ “cast-on cast-off”). Quick, cute, and big impact. And, the mom told me today when I asked if I could use her photo on my blog / Rav “She usually doesn’t like them but has had it on all day without any protests!” – Win!

Look at what I’ve done!

I’m still a bit obsessed and scattered over the same projects as the last post, but I’ve got some photos and updates, yay!
First, those pretzels? A bit of work, but in the end, totally worth it.
To improve on them they need more salt – I salted them, but didn’t press the salt down into the dough.

I can finally post a photo of my square contribution to the lap blanket our SnB made for a fellow member. Wife, Mom, Knitter has a great blog post that better describes the project.
I searched on Ravelry for “boobs dishcloth” and found the Nubbins for Ta Tas pattern, perfect!

I finished up a few baby gifts this week. Our friends who were married down in Virgin Gorda had a baby girl a few weeks ago. Seahorses were a theme at the parent’s wedding, so that seemed like a good idea to work with for the baby.
Calla's Seahorse
Seahorse pattern by Hansi Singh – so cute! I used cotton so baby Calla can gum on it when she’s ready. I also attached the tail to the back of the seahorse to make a little loop, but then I forgot about the back fin, so instead I put it on the head of the seahorse, like a crown.
Calla's Seahorse

I also whipped up a little Heart Hat using the same purple and pink yarn. I adore Susan B. Anderson’s work – I have all of her books – but no surprise, this hat was also a little fiddly in the end to attach the heart. I hope it fits!
Hat for Calla
Hat for Calla

I’ve got a few more crafty plans to attack today. It’s a grey, rainy day – good for new projects and knitting. I’ve got photos to frame, knitting, knitting, knitting, and I think I’ll be attempting to sew and a Betz White project. Good stuff.

My mom brought the Lorax a new raincoat and pair of puddle boots – this morning she was very excited to try them out and it was hard to get her back in the house! There’s rain forecast for the next few days, so I’m sure we’ll be out there frequently.
New Raincoat

My new favorite photo:
New Raincoat

More malabrigo & FO

Today I gave my Tudora a real-world wear – successful! It was just right to block the gap between my jacket and neck from the wind. So so so warm! Yay for wearing handknits! I have decided to try and milk my malabrigo that was leftover from Tudora to make an “Amanda Hat” – and so far, so good on that. There should be enough yarn for a hat. Lorelai makes a great impromptu model – so far it seems to fit her, but in the end this hat is for ME!
Amanda Hat in progress

I also knit up the “Bunny Budy” from Lion Brand. I used plain old Sugar & Cream cotton yarn, in a natural colorway that has flecks of colors in it. I didn’t bother to stuff the head. Lorelai has started to grab at things and everything goes to her mouth, so to avoid any major concerns about lead in any sort of teething “thing”, I decided to just make her something. She can grab at this, drool all over it and I can just toss it in the wash. Plus, it can be an impromptu drool cloth / burp cloth as needed. I might make a few more of these up as baby gifts, they were a great quick knit – no seaming, gotta love that!
Lorelai & Bunny
Bunny "teether"

I’m also involved in test knitting a project for a fellow blogger now – how very exciting!