Yarn Along – July 18

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr.

Yarn Along July 18
My pile this week is quite the collection. I’ve been reading over Cast On, Bind Off in anticipation of the blog tour that is making a stop here on Thursday, July 19! I will be reviewing the book and I am able to giveaway a copy as well! I have returned to an Agatha Christie Miss Marple mystery, The Body in the Library. When I was in middle school / early high school, 95% of my reading was Agatha Christie. They are so clever, not scary, not gory, not violent. And now, having become a fan of Downton Abbey, I think I can better picture the setting and time period than when I was 13 (and probably was picturing the 1980s). Not shown in the pile there, but on my list to read soon, is a piece by my SIL, Virginia. Her newest piece, the Harper’s Magazine cover story, is about Mary Kay – The Pink Pyramid Scheme.

Cat Hat SampleThe yarny pile is a mix of in-progress and finished items. I just finished two samples for Plymouth Yarn CoCat Hat with Earflaps & Baby Shrug. They were fun, quick patterns. Each were made in the 6-12 month size. The lil’ nutmeg, being 11 months, obligied to model them for me. I should have tied this under his chin – he kept grabbing it off.

BabyShrug Sample

Rocking out a pink shrug. Ain’t no thing.


I don’t think I ever showed a picture of my Wings of Hope Wingspan using the Lorelai yarn. I love it and look forward to wearing it often! I really need to find some shawl pins.

 Also in the pile is a sweater in progress. A sample for Good Karma Farm‘s new DK wool / alpaca yarn. The colorway is Artichoke and the pattern is Charleston Tea by Thea Colman. Nothing but love all around and now that I’ve gotten everything set up and I am ready to knit knit knit.

Perhaps I jinxed myself

Off and on, for a while now I have been working on a Baby-squared-for-my-baby-blanket. Last Saturday night, I cast off. Jokingly, I said to Dan, “Ok, the baby can come now – the blanket is done!” I wove in the ends last night and was tempted to leave one end unwoven just so it would not be completely finished… (I didn’t finish Lorelai’s blanket until after she arrived!)
Babysquared Blanket #2

I’ve even got a bucket hat done too. And then on Sunday we finished putting together the dresser / changing table. This week I have a long list of things to do to finish getting ready (laundry, cleaning, sorting, nesting type things, packing a hospital bag, picking up some diapers and wipes, etc). The car seats are in the cars, the crib is made, we’re making good progress. Possibly too good. At my doctor’s check up yesterday I found out (to my surprise and hers) that I have already begun to dilate at 36 weeks! And it is enough to cause my immediate family to start looking at me funny.

I feel fine, everything else is fine. Just this one number is interesting. I am supposed to take the Lorax with me to RI on Thursday to visit with my mom and grandmother and spend the night – so now I am waiting on the nurse to call me back to let me know if I can go or if I am better off to stay at home. I missed knitting last week due to a family birthday dinner, not sure what will happen this week. I am happy that this likely means that the baby won’t be late like the Lorax was, but at the same time, stay in there and finish cooking baby!!

So, today I am trying to get as much crossed off the to-do list as I can. I did start another baby project, but as it is another hat it will be done quickly – a Rainbow Marley from the Itty Bitty Hats book.

I am very thankful for air conditioning in this heat – hope you are all staying cool and comfortable!

Flower Girl

You know what’s fun? Knitting for the wee ones. What’s more fun? Seeing the knit item on the wee one.

Several friends of ours have had babies this year. This is one of the newest ones, E – she was born in early May and yesterday we all got together to just hang out. Times have changed since college, but it is really nice that we are all still friends and look forward to getting together. I knit up a little headband for E from knitwity.blogspot.com and did follow the directions as noted on the Ravelry page (Flower is done following the Pacifier Clip from Susan B. Anderson’s Itty Bitty Nursery and an EZ “cast-on cast-off”). Quick, cute, and big impact. And, the mom told me today when I asked if I could use her photo on my blog / Rav “She usually doesn’t like them but has had it on all day without any protests!” – Win!


Woke up this morning and noticed it was cold. Not too surprising for New England in April, but to look at the thermostat and see it reading “56” instead of “64” was a surprise! Something is wrong with the furnace, again. Luckily, our local company is great – when we called them at 7:45am they said someone would be here after 9:30 or 10 – no big deal, I’m here, the sun’s out, we can all put on an extra layer. The guy was here at 8:45! Hopefully it won’t be too expensive of a fix. In the meantime, I am drinking a whole lot of coffee (it’s hot)

I finished another “Baby Genius” burp cloth, this time in a lemon-lime colorway, I like this one a lot more:
Burp Cloth #2
(This photo is from a few days ago, not today, she’s been taking her socks off and trying to eat them lately. Today she’s in a fleece footie outfit to keep warm.)

I’m planning to take yarn to work on these while we’re away – simple, easy, but yet you end up with a great item. Dan’s aunt was over this past weekend and she’s a crocheter, and was really taken with them 🙂 I am going to use up the variegated yarns and then make several striped (black / white).

I started to make a Seamless Baby Kimono, but I have to frog or tink several rows – I skipped a whole section of the directions – whoops. Groan.

Here’s another one of the wee one:
The onesie says “I (heart) my great aunt anne”, made at the baby shower by guess who? Aunt Anne. Simply adorable.

Neon in a blender

I was digging into my stash and found a ball of Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn – in pinks, orange, green and yellow. I decided to make a “Baby Genius Burp Cloth” from the Mason-Dixon gals. As I was knitting it up I absolutely hated the colors! It’s all neon mushed up, and I really can’t remember why I bought the yarn to begin with – probably I was hoping it would stripe, what did I know? Anyway, it was a quick knit (a few days), fairly mindless knitting and I ended up with a practical item that I won’t mind if it is covered in spit-up or drool. I put it to use right away yesterday. It looks better next to a cute baby. By the way, the baby is a ham. Seconds before I took this photo she was fussing. Once the camera was out she was all smiles:
My daughter the ham

I found another ball of Sugar ‘n Cream – lemon lime I think is the colorway – neon green, yellow and white. It’s less repulsive to my eyes.

Other things going on – we’re trying to get Lorelai to take formula to supplement while I’m away on vacation. Rather foolishly, I tried to give her a bottle of straight formula and she wasn’t having it. We’re starting slow 90/10 milk/formula mix, today hopefully we’ll do 80/20 mix and hopefully get up to 25/75 or even 0/100 by the time we leave. I’m pumping to the best of my ability, but there’s only so much!

Baby Knits

Two FO’s to blog about today – first off – baby booties!
Booties 2
Pattern: Saartjes Bootees (pdf file)
Yarn: leftover yarn that I used on the Carolina socks, Sockenwolle “Light” from handgefaerbt.com
Such a quick project. I do think I would like them better in a solid color or two, but for now, these are great!

Second, a Christmas Hat!
Christmas Tree Hat modeled
Pattern: Christmas Tree Hat from P2 Designs.
Yarns: stashbusting with Plymouth Wildflower DK (green), Plymouth Dreambaby DK (yellow), and Debbie Bliss Merino DK (red)
Mods: Instead of a PomPom, I made a star – so quick and easy! 5 rows!
I hope that it fits – I made the largest size (newborn) and it does have some stretch. I bet Jackson will be so happy to give up this side gig as a knitwear model.


New magknits is up today! The socks are interesting – I’ll keep them on the back burner for now. What really struck me was seaweed – what a neat idea!! I would love to start on it now, but don’t yet have the baby to include in the measurements – maybe I could use my Cabbage Patch Kid, “Garnet Lenore”

Side story part 1: What a name for the Cabbage Patch Kid huh? That’s the name she came with, I didn’t love it, but never changed it either. My uncle used to tease me all the time “Garnet Lenore will soon be coleslaw!” and being 5 years old, I didn’t get it. Until about high school when I realized what coleslaw was made of. To this day I still don’t eat coleslaw.

Side story part 2: When I was 5 or 6 my Gram took my brother and me into New York City. Among other things we saw that day, we went to the Cabbage Patch Kid store / nursery in New york City. They had a cabbage patch staffed with nurses and you could witness the Cabbage Patch Kids being “born”. Then, audience members could shout out names for them. Somewhere out there is a Cabbage Patch doll (or two) with the name of one of my mom’s cousins.