Baby Photos

Knitting is kind of on hold – I’ve been able to get through a letter or two on the crime scene scarf. But that’s about it. This is a needle-craft post though – the nurse director at the hospital my dad works at is a long time family friend – she sent along several of the hats that a church group made (I think they are crocheted) for little Lorelai. She wasn’t too excited for the photo shoot of hats.
Baby in holiday hat 1 Baby in holiday hat
Baby in fun fur hat
This last one is the only one in which she actually stopped crying, momentarily. Knitting gods help me, she likes fun fur.

I did snap a photo of her in the berry tart hat and the jive turkey hat but it’s on a disposable camera, as my digital battery was charging. maybe tomorrow I can get photos of that and the christmas tree hat. Maybe.

In the meantime, she also has new shoes. Red gingham.
Clown Shoes
Girl can’t even walk yet and her shoe collection is started. She has also been promised a pair of Docs when she does start walking (thank you to Aunt Jenny!)