Cast On, Bind Off Blog Tour

When I attended the Knitter’s Review retreat back in 2010, part of the weekend included a trip to Storey Publishing!  I was so excited to be contacted to participate in the Cast On, Bind Off blog tour! They sent me a copy of this new little resource to review and giveaway, isn’t that nice?

So what do I think of this book? My first thought was that it was so small! This book is only 6″ x 7″, just right to have tucked into your project bag or sitting nearby when you start or finish your project.  The pictures are fantastic, which for me is HUGE. There is also a spiral binding so the pages will lay flat while you are working (why why why don’t more knitting books come like this?!) I am a self-taught knitter, and left-handed to boot. Good photographs and descriptions help me reverse what I need to do in order to achieve the right results.

 Each technique has the cast on or bind off name, aliases, and a brief description of the characteristics and when you would want to use it. There are photos of the front and back of the edge. Then you are taken stepwise through working each technique and tips to “Get it Right”. The front cover has an index of the cast ons and the back cover has the index of the bind offs, clever!

 My default cast-on is usually the long tail cast on, but from this book I am now in search of a project that would require something else – I love the look of the “Tricolor Braided Cast On”. I have been meaning to try a color work project, and never thought that the cast on could be multicolored as well! I also find that even after knitting for 10 years, I still need to look up how to Kitchener and I-Cord bind offs. This book will be staying close by my work area especially for those photos and steps.

Would you like to receive a copy of this book for your own resource library? Please leave a comment with a way to get in touch (either email or Ravelry id will work). Do you know of a color work project on which I could try this Tricolor Braided Cast On? Is there a cast on or bind off that stumps you? A winner will be drawn next Thursday, July 26!

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