Lorelai Hope!
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She’s finally here 🙂 We’ve all got a lot of learning to do, but we’re so so so happy with her.

Last week on Wednesday I went to have a biophysical profile / nonstress test done to check everything out because she wasn’t here yet. They found that my amniotic fluid levels were low. So on Thursday I went to the doctor’s office and after checking me out, told me that the best option was to go to the hospital. My mom was with me, and we made a quick stop at the house and then went to the hospital. Dan met up with us there. And then we waited. And waited. Around 7 or so I was given a gel to help things along, then more gel around midnight. I started feeling contractions more but they were still quite manageable. It was more uncomfortable to be hooked up to the fetal monitoring and in a hospital bed.

Friday morning, we were moved down to the labor and delivery floor around 7:15. Once down there, I was checked out (4 cm woo-hoo!). Pitocin was started, more for augmentation rather than straight induction. The doctor broke my water and told us she was thinking that the baby would be born in the afternoon. My contractions were getting more and more intense. I did ask for the epidural and they were ready and waiting to go on that. As they started the prep for that the contractions were so intense and I felt like pushing. I was checked out again and found at 10:00am I was 10centimeters so I could go ahead and push! No epidural! OMG. Luckily the nurse who came in was great and got right in my face telling me to breathe or relax or push. Also luckily, 19 minutes later, Lorelai was born! When she came out the nurse, doctor and Dan all gave a collective “Woah” – she was HUGE!!! And had a whole lot of hair!! She was 9pounds 2ounces, 21 inches long.

All the grandparents came to meet her on Friday, and one of her uncles as well. On Saturday grandparents returned, along with my brothers and girlfriend. There were tons of photos taken. On Sunday we came home and began to try and wrap our heads around this new life. Dan is the best, taking care of me while I take care of her. He’s great with Lorelai too – he’s changed diapers and is pretty good at swaddling her. She seems to know what she’s doing with breast feeding too – we’re working on our team work.

And that’s where we’re at – it’s been a crazy couple of days. But in the best way possible 🙂