It’s My Birthday

Happy Birthday to me, happy Thursday to you! Today is the first day all week where we have not had any plans set, so it is especially nice to take our time, work on a few projects, play outside and relax. I’m still recovering from the brain mush. I’ve skipped WIP Wednesday this week and I don’t have anything finished to show tomorrow, but I have been working on several projects! I finished the sleeves (and sent them off) for a sample knit that I believe will be shown at the fashion show at TNNA this weekend. I have no pictures – due to time issues – I knit the sweater body and sent it off to the designer last Friday so she could knit the trim and I would finish the sleeves!

Socks in progress


My Camp Loopy socks started out as two-at-a-time Magic Loop, but I have separated them into individual Magic Loop socks – the patterning is different on each leg and I just could not keep it straight. Last night I worked a bit on one leg, then realized after an hour and a half of knitting, I was doing the right leg pattern on the left sock leg! I’m going to leave it, but I’m so annoyed! I know better!



I am so far behind on my Woodland Sampler and Springtime Sampler, but I didn’t let that stop me from signing up for the Summer Sampler! I’m also practicing my hand stitching / embroidery in the Wild Olive Summer Stitching Club. I’ve made a few paper pieced hexagons and really enjoy it so far! I’m in love with all the fabric options and have been drooling over etsy and some fun assortments of Japanese prints.


I’m getting caught up on checking in on blogs – there are so many great projects going on now!

It’s all coming together

I am just about caught up. I think. Last week was thrown for a loop as party preparations took over. We went with a “Hungry Caterpillar” theme (and as themes go, it was a loose one) and this was a very DIY party for Nate’s 1st. Caterpillar balloons IMG_4972
It was a good day, we had a good time, and afterwards I was exhausted. For several days. Party clean-up, catching up on a few loose ends, and then Nate came down with another bug of some sort. Lorelai’s energy has been exponential, and trying to keep up with her is a whole other sporting event.
I have to get the buttons of the cuff I made from the “So Pretty! Crochet” book and then I will really be ready for the review and giveaway. I have one sleeve done on the sweater for Good Karma Farm – it is going to be so hard to send this sweater back. I love it! I have a new skein of Sock Art Forest from Green Moutain Spinnery all caked up and ready to be cast on once a few other things are set. It’s always something, right? Grr.


Yesterday, the Lorax turned 4! I knew it was coming, and yet I am still surprised that it happened. Time has gone by so fast. I think that 4 is probably the best birthday yet – she was excited that it was her birthday, had fun telling people that she is 4 and that they should say “Happy Birthday” to her, and yet there wasn’t any whining for presents but each item she opened was met with “OOOOH! I always wanted this!”

For the record, my girl, at age 4, loves Tinkerbell & her fairy friends, loves princesses and all things girly. She can draw, she loves books, she loves the Snoopy movies and Charlie Brown Christmas. She tends to start her day with a glass of orange juice and a cut up apple, she tries to be a big help in the kitchen and is a fantastic big sister. And we are starting to get into the joke telling phase (Knock Knock. Who’s there? Little Miss Smartypants. Little Miss Smartypants who? I don’t know.)

She says she is going to have 100 birthdays. I hope she is right.

Older, Wiser and Way More Active

Yesterday was the Lorax’s 3rd Birthday!
We had a jam packed day. Dance class, a coffee break and then a stop at the toy store – she had been given some birthday money and bought some stickers and a Hello Kitty facecloth. A quick trip the library and run around outside. Phew.
My mom came by later with presents from other family members – one of which was this polka dot skirt that she immediately put on (and plans to wear today).
Dinner was spaghetti, her favorite, and I made cake. I think by the time we got to dessert it was all just too much – she didn’t want to blow out the candle on her cake – so she enjoyed the sprinkle donut my mom brought earlier.

Happy Birthday to You! Keep on Smiling!

Birthday Nutshell

So now, I’m 30 plus 1. As my dad said to me on Saturday, having birthdays is much better than the alternative you know. Thanks dad. 🙂 It was a really good birthday – I got to do a little bit of everything! And there’s stuff to look forward to – like U2!!!! – September 20 cannot get here soon enough!

On Saturday I also went to a shower for a fellow knitter – it was such a nice event and how cool it was to be able to pull out the knitting and NO ONE thinks twice about it?! And to not be the only one knitting?! Good times!
I just wish I had taken more photos! I had a lot of fun knitting up a hat and puppet for the new baby.
Anne & Baby Maggie's Hat
Flower Hat for baby Bug, now with eyes!
I wish I could have stayed longer (these gals are a lot of fun to hang out with!) but I *had* to come home so we could head out for birthday dinner at Cafe Goodfellas – fantastic!

I was gifted gift certificates to the LYSs around here so I’ll be project planning soon. I was also gifted a skein of Hudson Valley (Martha’s Vineyard) Fiber Farm Yarn:
It’s not so red, more raspberry-ish, but soft and gorgeous!

And yarn arrived in the mail! Adding to my sock yarn stash, Schaefer Yarn “Nichole” in Indigo, Sage and Bluebell:
Schaefer Yarns

And my “payment” from Lorna’s Laces – yarn to make Sundog for Lorelai – Island Blue and Iris Garden.
Sundog WIP

I finished a pair of socks – Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe, j.knits “Florida” colorway:
Juice Socks
I really love how it knit up – I was a bit unsure about the skein – it was so bright!

Today, I got a birthday gift from Betsy – small sock appropriate stitch markers – for the decreases and “yo’s” – I’m looking at doing “Ishbel” so they will also be so handy for that!! Thank you!
New Stitch Markers!

I can feel the multiple projects creeping up on me again – I have so many ideas and it’s hard to get those stitches I picture in my head to the actual fabric! I think summer is good for that, the slate is clean for the moment – even if the nutshell is cluttered!

The Birthday Post

(I think today will be a multiple post kind of day, life is like that.)

Me, ages ago
Happy Birthday to Me! It’s tricky taking a photo of a photo, but that’s me – just about 1 month old. And now, I’m 30. Crazyness. In my head, I’m only 25? maybe 27? 23 seems too young, 28 doesn’t seem right either. I don’t plan to be one of those “29 forever” people, I’m perfectly fine to share my age – shout it from the rooftops as it were. While some people I know agonized over turning 30 and how old it is, that’s just not me. It’s a milestone and should be recognized and embraced.

I think it will be a quiet day – Lorelai and I will do some errands, and just hang out. And learn how to use my “new baby”
Mama's new baby
A Canon PowerShot S5 IS – so cool!!!!

I didn’t blog this before, but Theatreknitter got me yarn for my birthday –
I’m thinking I’ll use it for Summer of Socks!

Tomorrow night we are going out with my brothers & sister-in-law-to-be to Miso – sushi, yum!!

Here’s another photo of me, maybe 6 months old or so (about the same as Lorelai is now!)

Happy day!

Two Months Old!

Happy Two Months, Lorelai!
Two Months old!
Someone, I forget who, decorated this onesie at my baby shower. It reads, “If you think I’m cute you should meet Jackson” – and boy, do we ever think she is cute! How can she get cuter every day? And she still has all that hair! Makes her look older, which is funny because at each of the baby groups we have attended, she’s the youngest! She’s full of smiles and is making more “talkative” noises, no longer solely crying.

We’ve even started reading!