Will Work for Yarn

I have another knitting job to add to my resume – blocker. A fellow knitter put out a call looking for someone who loves blocking. She finished Rock Island and did not have the space to block it. I replied to her that I didn’t mind it and I had received a set of blocking wires for Christmas that I was itching to try out. We worked out a deal and she sent along the shawl and payment. Here it is blocking with the wires:
Blocking a shawl
I have to say that I don’t think I really saved any time using the blocking wires as compared to using a bunch of pins but it did make getting a straight line at the top and down the center spine a lot easier! I do like how I could easily adjust the spacing to ensure each section was a uniform width.

What does one earn for blocking a shawl? I jumped when the offer was made – Wollmeise! A skein of 100% Superwash in ‘Tambopata’ – there’s that teal-ish green again with black. And then I won another skein of Wollmeise on a Ravelry giveaway! Also 100% Superwash in ‘Feldmauschen’ that is sort of brownish-greyish-plum? Tricky to photograph, but oh so pretty.
My precious….