This morning seemed quiet enough. L. and I were getting ready to go out and meet friends for a coffee / starbucks snack. We took Jackson out for a bathroom break and on the way back into the house he stepped on a yellow-jacket! Poor guy – he started whining / yelping / crying and not walking on that paw. So I called the vet – can’t really tell about any sort of stinger – Jackson already has a thing about his paws, so I couldnt’ get too close. No apparent swelling, but I did give him half a benadryl (in cheese! yummy). His breathing has been fine, so I don’t think we have an allergy issue. You can tell he can’t get comfortable – he would sit, then get up and move to another spot, lick his paws, lie down and repeat.
He’s better now – using the paw, gently. He’s been mostly sleeping / resting and accepts me picking him up when it’s time to go down stairs.

I’ve been pretty good about splitting my time among some of my more pressing projects – I finished another burp cloth last night. The color was hard to photograph, but it’s the swimming pool colorway – deep / bright blues:

Noro Sock #1 is coming along – I’m on the foot.

And I’m working on a toddler cardigan for schaefer yarns – love these colors – it’s like peas and carrots and pinks!
Toddler Sweater Almost done with the neck edging, then I can do the back and sleeves.

Lorelai says to have a safe and fun holiday weekend!
Yay! Holiday weekend!


Trying to make one post to cover everything. First, it is Thursday, so there’s a Jackson spotlight for Dogs on Thursday:
Smile Jackson
He’s been pretty good since we returned from vacation. Only one accident in the house (we give him one free pass when he comes back to us) and he’s uber-affectionate. Kisses all around, especially for the baby:

More kisses

She doesn’t seem to mind too much:
One more kiss?

Yay for harmony in the house.

There is knitting in this post too – seems like it has been a while, but I’ve mostly been knitting baby genius burp cloths a la Mason-Dixon – it’s now my easy, mindless, grab and go project!
burp cloths
(gosh, Lorelai looks like a little kid here!)

I’m just about done with a sweater for Lorelai too:
mistakes & kisses
(More kisses!) I knit and finished the first sleeve, then last night I was working on the second sleeve and realized I didn’t decrease enough times. Whoops. So, I plan to un-do the left sleeve bind off and work back about 8 rows to redo. At least it’s not a huge mistake. The sweater is maybe a 6-9month size, so I do have a little bit of time.

Other bits about my life recently – the ants seem to be taken care of – had tons last night at the baits, cleared out the counter and put out new ones last night – nothing this morning, and I put out new ones this morning – so far, nothing. I’ll give it another day still.

My favorite band, Barenaked Ladies have put out a children’s cd – “Snacktime” – it’s really cute. Totally “them” and nothing so annoyingly catchy that I’ll be humming it all day. Love it!

Today out at knitting with Mad-Knitter I got to meet another blogger-knitter: Wifemomknitter – so much fun!

I’m also loving:Motherhood Uncensored


Woke up this morning and noticed it was cold. Not too surprising for New England in April, but to look at the thermostat and see it reading “56” instead of “64” was a surprise! Something is wrong with the furnace, again. Luckily, our local company is great – when we called them at 7:45am they said someone would be here after 9:30 or 10 – no big deal, I’m here, the sun’s out, we can all put on an extra layer. The guy was here at 8:45! Hopefully it won’t be too expensive of a fix. In the meantime, I am drinking a whole lot of coffee (it’s hot)

I finished another “Baby Genius” burp cloth, this time in a lemon-lime colorway, I like this one a lot more:
Burp Cloth #2
(This photo is from a few days ago, not today, she’s been taking her socks off and trying to eat them lately. Today she’s in a fleece footie outfit to keep warm.)

I’m planning to take yarn to work on these while we’re away – simple, easy, but yet you end up with a great item. Dan’s aunt was over this past weekend and she’s a crocheter, and was really taken with them 🙂 I am going to use up the variegated yarns and then make several striped (black / white).

I started to make a Seamless Baby Kimono, but I have to frog or tink several rows – I skipped a whole section of the directions – whoops. Groan.

Here’s another one of the wee one:
The onesie says “I (heart) my great aunt anne”, made at the baby shower by guess who? Aunt Anne. Simply adorable.