When do kids get into “naming” things? The Lorax has a stuffed dalmation that she carries with her just about everywhere – his name is Puppy. She recently has rediscovered a Cabbage Patch Doll that is interactive. She keeps referring to the doll as “Girl” – we were trying to offer her suggestions and while she says “No” to each one, it’s looking like “Patella” might stick.

This morning I was talking with hubs about doll names and I brought up the Ramona books – she had a doll named Chevrolet. I read all of those books many times over and still thinking about Ramona and Beezus gives me a chuckle. Did you know there is a movie coming out this year? I read in the paper that the director brought her 4th grade book report of “Beezus & Ramona” to the meeting with Beverly Cleary to show how much of a fan she is and will remain true to the books. Awesome.

And then, while checking blogs just now I see a post from – you know, the gal behind February Lady Sweater, Willie and the Wurstwarmer – she’s got a new pattern, named in honor of another one of Ramona’s pals, Ella Funt!!! So so cute!
(and I love when the universe shakes things together like that!!)

Sleepy Sun By Mari Hanson Book Review

Disclosure: This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Mari Hanson for this review.

Books are a big part of Lorelai’s day (yay!) – she will “read” them on her own during the day, we read to her during the day, and of course, we read a few stories at night as part of the bedtime routine. We keep about a dozen books or so in her room and let her choose which ones will be read at night. She has the tendency to pick the same books over and over, so occasionally I will slip in a new book and either I will suggest it or she discovers it. We recently received Sleepy Sun by Mari Priscilla Hanson.

Sleepy Sun Cover

The cover is only a hint of the twenty-three bright, colorful pages that are inside. They are eye catching and the story line, describing the Sun’s activities throughout the day and around the world, is written in a gentle cadence that is just right for a bedtime story. The Sun sees all of the world and the illustrations show the global diversity of the people and locations along the way. I really enjoyed how the author still brings the story back to the child that is being read to, the Sun’s favorite activity is “…shining in your backyard…”

Mari Hanson

Thank you Mari Hanson for writing such a sweet little book. Lorelai enjoyed reading the story and there are plenty of details in the photos that we can look for in addition to reading the story. I appreciate the opportunity to talk about global diversity with her, even though she’s only 22 months. Her grandparents and family do a lot of traveling, so we can talk about family members while we read this story. The book is for children who are toddlers through young children. We are just starting to get into “paper pages” books and this is a good introduction. I could see this being a beautiful board book as well if that was ever an option.

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