Christmas Earworms

If you happen to come across a lull in your conversations at whatever you do today, a good topic is “What’s the WORST Christmas Song?” – At SnB “Snowfall” has come up a few times (we own that Tony Bennett Christmas Album – it’s on there and it snuck up on me and I have to agree, not his best work.) Dan’s not a huge fan of “Jingle Bell Rock” – I would love it if I never had to hear again “Dominic the Donkey” or “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”.
Shudder. And I apologize for the earworms.
As a peace offering my favorite Christmas Song is “The Chrismtas Song”, you know… “Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire…” but only the version done by Nat King Cole. Best. Version. Ever.

When you run through all the Christmas songs, start in on Christmas movies. I can’t stand “A Christmas Story” – and I always cause a stir when I mention that one. And yes, I gave it a good try – I sat down to watch it, with an open mind, and it was still terrible. “A Christmas Carol” is probably top of the list – Patrick Stewart version of course, “Love, Actually” is up there along with “Miracle on 34th Street” (the original one).

May you have a classy Christmas and I hope you all get what you hope for (especially PeacefulKnitter! I’m thinking of you!)


On Tuesday I whipped up another gift for another cousin – a Darkside Cowl that is not very dark at all.
The yarn I used came from a bag of yarn that my mom came across at their house – it was mostly acrylic but there were a few finds in there, including a Berroco “Watercolor” yarn –
It’s not in Ravelry. It’s not listed on the Berroco Discontinued Yarn list. I emailed Berroco and they told me that they don’t have info on it (!!?!) so it’s from before 1995 or so. It’s quite pretty – it’s a silver-ish with an additional ply of pink / yellow / green in there. I originally wanted to knit incognito but decided to keep it simple.

The pattern works well for this yarn – I did 3 repeats of the pattern, for a length of about 6 inches – this is for a 12 year old so that seemed big enough.
Hand for reference again – apparently I’m getting lazy and not bothering to get a ruler.

It is a stretchy but snug item – I figure my cousin can wear it as a headband / ear cover / or cowl as she wishes. I like how it fit and will make myself one in the future (I’ve got some Malabrigo Silky in Rupestre and Cloud Sky – either would be gorgeous!)

It’s Coming on Christmas

I’m one of those people that can not stand anything Christmas related before Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Sure, it’s a pain to prepare to host or to pack up and travel but all you have to do is eat! That I can do.

I will shop for Christmas gifts throughout the year because I have learned my lesson that if you wait the item you want will not be there when you go back to find it. But to go into Sprawl-mart or Tar-ghay and see decorations / hear carols drives me mad! I did spot some Christmas lights up last week at houses and I just grit my teeth and drove on. (Random side note, talking about gritting one’s teeth – I now wear a nightguard to protect my own teeth from further grinding damage. I think I’m clenching harder now that I have something to actually chew on. Weird. Anyway.)

We pulled out the garland and light for our stairway this afternoon. I had some fun playing around with the camera settings and was hoping I might luck out with a Christmas card photo. Didn’t quite work out, but I got some neat shots.
I’m really pleased with this one:
Black and White garland

This might be my new favorite picture of Lorelai:

I swear, she does smile, but she was serious about the lights:
Garland 1

And then, bored:
Garland 2

Possibilities for the card:

Gentle glow
I like this last one the best, but she’s still out of focus.

A Merry Christmas after all

Thanks to everyone for the comments – your support and encouragement means a lot! I am trying to enjoy the baby time, even though I’m really looking forward to a schedule / routine and more interaction with the wee one. She’s kinda giving us smiles and amazingly last night she slept from 10-ish until 6:30-ish!!! I was tossing and turning and nearly bolted out of bed when the alarm went off, thinking “She never got up during the night!”

While last friday was a wash, the rest of the weekend and days have been pretty good. On Saturday, Lorelai got to meet Aunt Betsy – they are off to a great start it seems.
Hi Aunt Betsy! Oh Aunt Betsy

Sunday we totally lost track of time somehow – Dan brought Jackson to the breeder, we went to his parents, wrapped gifts, cooked – the day just got away from us! I did finish the Police Tape scarf for my cousin Max:
CSI scarf
It says “Do Not Cross Crime Scene Do Not Cross” Max seemed to like it a lot and it got many comments at Christmas Eve. I also finished (but forgot to photograph) the pair of pedicure socks I made for one of my aunts. I think I need to make myself a pair of those.

On Christmas Eve we travel into Rhode Island and on Christmas Day to Long Island, then back to visit my folks. Crazy fun. I was given two gift certificates to the yarn shop (YAY!) and the Veronik Avery pattern book – decision time, what to make?? Tomorrow Betsy, Lorelai and I are going on a yarn outing – gotta check out my ravelry queue to see what I must knit next 🙂

Bah Humbug

Multimedia message
You got it girl! Today has been a near disaster. I think I’ve had the second worst night of sleep since we’ve been home with Lorelai – she was up so often! This morning then was a little rough, as I was overtired (poor Dan had to feel the brunt of my one word answers and grunts). When I finally got the little one back down, I started wrapping gifts and Jackson kept finding things to bark at / about. GRR.

I put him in his room, fed the baby, and then we went out shopping down at the town green. It’s taking some getting used to balancing packages and a baby carrier and my car keys. Bleh. My hair is a disaster too. On the positive side, Lorelai got many compliments on her hat, and one lady told me I shouldn’t have a 3 week old out and about. Sorry honey, I need fresh air, and the little one does too.

Got home, put the baby down. She sleeps (yay!) So I try to call Dell as my computer was not booting up and I got a funky error message. I try to knit while on the phone – gotta finish a pedicure sock! In the middle of my call to Dell (about 45 minutes in) Lori wakes up and I feed her while I’m on the phone (my neck and back hurt! I have lost any good posture I once had). Then the tech guy wants me to get the reinstallation cds, and did I have a lot of data on my hard drive? Um, I have a newborn to take care of so I don’t have the cds on hand and yes I have files I want to keep. He says he’ll call back in an hour. It’s been 1.5 hours and no word from him. I think it’ll just be easier to bring my computer in to a local shop and let them deal with it, save my files and get the computer working again. Or maybe I should just say screw it and consider investing in a new laptop? Sigh.

In the midst of that I’m wrapping presents, trying to get the house in order for my mom’s birthday dinner tomorrow (we’re having turkey and smashed potatoes. that’s all I know. Food shopping will get done tomorrow I guess.) Crazy.

I love Christmas and can’t wait to have this first holiday with our baby and all, but I’m looking forward to December 26… is that awful?